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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Delmark artist: Quintus McCormick - Still Called The Blues - New Release review

I just got my copy of Quintus McCormick's now release, Still Called The Blues. Seven of the 13 tracks on the cd are originals demonstrating McCormick's influences in solu, blues, R&B, funk and rock. On Bobby Rush's What's Good For The Goose, McCormick not only shines on vocals but lays down some sweet blues riffs. Original track What Am I Gonna Do is a strong track showing influences from New Orleans funk and R&B as well as soul and blues McCormick's light touch on the guitar solo is really a nice approach to the track. Still Called The Blues is in the vein of the Albert King soul blues and quite a strong entry. Everybody Knows About My Good Thing is the stellar track on the cd with McCormick not only singing the blues but squeezing every last drop from his guitar. Another interesting track was McCormick's take on the classic I Woke Up This Morning, starting out with a Latin rhythm but turning to a full swing on the chorus. The guitar solo on this track is particularly interesting. Another original, Always, a ballad, shows again McCormick's musical range and vocal talents. This is a real strong soul oriented blues recording. Check it out!
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Although not a track from the cd a good example of Quintus' style!

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