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Friday, May 4, 2012

Dan McKinnon : Self Titled - New EP Review

I have a new EP debut from Dan McKinnon, a talented Toronto native. McKinnon's new release has 4 strong tracks displaying his feel for the blues and his technical acuity on the guitar. Track one, Satisfied, takes an Albert King style attack at the blues with an unusual rhythm basis and plays some pretty tasty blues riffs as a highlight to the song. No can play. Track 2, Blues For Brother Nelson is more in jumps style with that jazzy edge... think Gatemouth Brown. It's a strong track and gives McKinnon a great opportunity to lay down some strong grooves. Track 3, Bad Habit, is a slow blues with an "woman problem" story line. McMinnon uses the lower octave of his guitar neck to set the stage for some dynamic soloing on this cut. Probably the strongest track on the EP, Bad Habit shows some strong chops. The Ep finishes up with Some Kind OF Special, a rockin' blues which of course gives McKinnon a chance to play some hot licks on his guitar. Overall I think that this is a very good debut EP and I'm looking forward to hearing more from McKinnon as he develops further.
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