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Friday, May 25, 2012

Catfood Records artist: Johnny Rawls - Soul Survivor - New Release Review

Blues Music Award winning Johnny Rawls has a new recording Soul Survivor, coming out on June 19, 2012 and I've had the opportunity to preview it. Johnny's band includes Richy Puga on drums and percussion, Dan Ferguson on keys, Bob Trenchard on bass, Andy Roman on sax, Mike Middleton on trumpet and Robert Claiborne on trombone.They are also joined by LA Motown guitar ace and now member of the Rays, Johnny McGhee and Jessica and Jillian Ivey on background vocals. Nine of the ten tracks included on the release are originals for this release. Rawls is on top of his game and delivers old school soul vocals with the type of instrumental backing that is needed to support such a talented singer. Eight Men, Four Women, a strong soulful blues is one of the many highlights of the recording with the story of a man at trial. Bad Little Girl, another stand out track on the release features a cool guitar solo from McGhee. Drowning is a a real strong song with particularly beautiful backing vocals and horns in support of Rawls vocals. JR's Geoove is a cool funk infused soul instrumental. It will definitely get you moving with each of the players getting a chance to lay down some funky stuff. Yes is a solid soul song to finish up the set. Johnny is really on top of his game with his singing and his band is tight. You looking for a strong soul cd that sounds fresh...this is it!
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This video is not a track from the cd.

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