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Friday, April 27, 2012

Broke & Hungry Records / Cat Head Delta Blues and Folk Art - Soundtrack: We Juke Up In Here - New Release Review

This is part 2 of a review of the incredible package that has been put out by Stolle and Konkel who earlier did M for Mississippi and Now We Juke Up In Here documentaries. The cd starts with the title track, We Juke Up In Here, performed by Big "A" and the Allstars. I mentioned during my review of the film that I could sit and listen to it for quite some time. The song has a Stax type sound and it's solid and it real. I love this track. Big "A" Anthony Sherrod commands the crowd with his vocals and music style. (I'm already preparing for something on him!) Rabbit in a Log is preformed by Louis "Gearshifter" Youngblood. This song has more of a rock a billy sound but watch out for that axe (solo) in the middle... woah! You Know I've Tried is performed by Lil' Poochie & Hezekiah Early. Lil' Poochie is a great vocalist and this is a terrific song to demonstrate his skills. Baby (Do Anything For Me) is performed by Terry "Harmonica' Bean.This is a great track in it's unpolished form. Could've Been Married, performed by Jimmy "Duck" Holmes, is really performed in my absolute favorite style of playing, not unlike early John Lee Hooker... a man and his guitar, a rhythm between the vocals and the guitar somewhat like a man trying to sing in between his own playing. There is something particularly endearing to me listening to the way he expresses his feelings in vocals and keeps the simple rhythm and then adds the next vocal line where he see's fit as opposed to where the standard structure commands it to be. Elmo Williams & Hezekiah Early perform Jug of Wine, a primitive form of blues rock. It's the way rock began and possibly how it should have remained (Early throws a flashy drum solo in the middle) but the primitive rock blues style is way cool! Get Rich and Marry You, performed by Louis "Gearshift" Youngbloog is up next. This track really shows how similar blues is to country (and is a specific reason I don't use standard definitions for types of music... it's all just music...some is good...and some is bad). This could just have easily been done by Johnny Cash. Big "A" is back with his second track, Call Me A Lover. This is another great song showing both an evolution to city style blues and a firm hold in the early JL Hooker styling and phrasing. Great sound! Bring You Fine Self Home, performed by Lil' Poochie & Hezekiah Early takes the form of a fast rock style boogie and again Lil' Poochie demonstrates his great vocal capability and command as a performer. Down South, performed by Big George Brock, sounds just great with Big George on vocals and harp and Frank Vick on drums. Makes you wonder why anyone needs anything else. I don't hear anything missing... and I seriously doubt that there are any overdubs! Holmes, Bean and Vick team up on the last track, Someday (Get Over You) with Holmes on Guitar and vocals, Bean on Harmonica and Vick on Drums. The song is a standard can't count the bars (that's good) blues and a great track to wind down the recording. Duck is such an interesting vocalist and guitar player and Bean a fine harp player and it shows on this track. There is one unlisted track on the recording and it is played in the streets with all of the trucks passing by in the recording. It actually adds a lot to the authenticity of the recording. This is an absolutely great cd and allows you to get a great filling (not feeling) of the music tasted in the film. It's terrific that the film makers have made available this cd of the music from their exploration because only short snippets of the music is actually present in the film. You'll listen to this cd over and over. It's filled with great honest music!
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