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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Provogue Records artist: Walter Trout - Blues For The Modern Daze

I have been listening to the soon to be released cd, Blues For The Modern Daze by Walter Trout for a few weeks now. Why have I been holding out on you you ask? The cd isn't going to be released until April 24th but I gotta tell's burning a hole in my pocket. I think that it may be his best effort...ever! The recording opens with Saw My Mama Cryin, which reminds me a lot of a tune from Jeff Beck's BBA album from the early '70's. The format and melody are totally different but the groove is there and Trout really digs in and grinds out a great blues rock track. Lonely is along the lines of an Albert King track. No, Trout doesn't play King licks. He plays Trout licks. It is really great to hear him take these solid tracks and play spontaneous guitar riffs over them in a manner that has such warm feel.The Sky Is Falling Down takes a Robert Johnson like riff and again follows a different path. Feeling something new to play has never been a problem for Trout and his versatility on this recording continues to satisfy. You Can't Go Home Again takes on an Elmore James and Trout muscles it around with the greatest finesse. Many have tried and failed but this is a winner. This may be my favorite track on the recording. Trout resists the chance to play every note that he knows and hold a 2000 lb tiger back for a great slow blues. Turn Off Your TV is straight Trout. It follows the formula that he's used on a number of his titles before and it's a straight forward butt kicker with an extended guitar solo. Lifestyle Of The Rich and Famous comes right out of Muddy's house and it's a great blues cooker. It even comes equipped with full on Muddy style slide and hammer on's... it's great! Never Knew You Well pulls out some guitar riffs that I haven't heard in Trouts repertoire before.I particularly like the harmonics bends that he uses near the end of the track. Money Rules The World is a great track with wah with hints to Jimi but updated... very cool! You want guitar...we got guitar! Brother's Keeper is on of those know the ones... where Walter just takes a hold of the guitar and makes it cry for it's mama.... well..this is it!!! My only complaint... not even 7 minutes long! Blues For The Modern Daze is a blues rocker again with roots in the Band of Gypsies. This is a great song and you gotta want more! Pray For Rain is a short little acoustic number that Walter uses to close out the cd. Very effective finish.

In case you couldn't tell.. I think this cd is great! I may say that from time to time... but I never say it when I don't mean it. Get your copy the day it hits the stand... you'll love it!!
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