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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Playin' The Blues (By The Rules) - The Jackpot$

I have recently received a copy of a debut release from a new blues band from Argentina. The band is called The Jackpot$ and the recording is called Playin' The Blues (By The Rules). Eleven tracks (plus a bonus) in all this is a cd to hear! I have been listening to this recording for a few days and I have to say...It's great!! Sure, there are some things on here that seem unusual to my ear but I really like this cd. The cd has a familiar sound but I won't try to box it in because it is alive. Black Train Boogie is a strong harp driven track with solid vocals and solid rhythm. Treat Me Right is an upbeat boogie blues with that heavy bass and drum rhythm. The harp is always present and strong. This song also has a really cool almost Butterfield Blues Band sounding guitar solo. I don't know if you're getting me but this is good. I'm Going To Pawn My Guitar is a cool blues over the Latin beat which has a very cool guitar solo and some unconventional riffs to get your attention. Jump for D.D. as is called is a jump blues and very reminiscent of some of the fun players like Gatemouth and strong harp licks. I really like this. Am I being clear? I really like this! Cotton Blues is a loping blues with that vintage style guitar taking the melody lead. Although I don't have the band list, they are all very proficient and nobody is trying to prove anything. The band sounds very comfortable and everything is mixed spot on. You want to hear that double stop guitar blues playing Texas style... here it is. I'm Gonna Buy Me A Pistol really gets gritty with the guitar and the part is handled really elegantly. The harp is always present and soulful. I've Got What You Need stays the course with the vintage style blues and again with a very strong showing on the guitar (If I didn't know better I'd think someone snuck a ringer in on me. Again the harp solo on the track is very solid. My Baby's Fine is another excuse to play a fine blues song. I'm glad that all recordings aren't this good because it's hard to highlight something where all of the tracks are consistently good. Easy Baby finally breaks the mold with more of a blues influenced rock track. Again really enjoyable. Jump and Stomp is exactly what it sounds like. This entire recording appears to be influenced more by the earlier generations players than a morphing of the later players. It just sounds so much more fresh. I mean the basic track and the guitar playing is just so crisp. Last up is Jigsaw Shuffle. Great harmonica lead jam and a great finish to a great cd. If you have heard a better overall debut album recently...send it to me!
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  1. Great band!!! Thumbs up for Argentinian blues!!

  2. These guys play some great and authentic Chicago style jump blues. If this is your thang, then you NEED to hear Damian and this band's CD!

  3. Thanks Mike

    I'm hoping to hear more!


  4. the jackpots are amazing!!! great music!!!

  5. Thanks a lot !!!!!! A big Bluesy hug from Patagonia Argentina!!!!!