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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Exclusive With Interview - JW - Jones - VizzTone Artist

Bman: Hi JW. I appreciate you taking the time out from what little time you must have right now to talk with me. You just released your new cd, 'SEVENTH HOUR', on March 27, 2012. I had a chance to review it and it was quite good. I noticed a departure from what I percieve as you style on earlier releases. Tell me about your new cd.

JW: The main focus for this disc was to not put limitations on the music. I wrote songs that feel good to me, and if they are not 100% traditional blues, that's just the way they came out. I think it's a great mix that pleases both camps, but the more contemporary/different material will appeal to a younger audience. Steve Dawson mixed this record, and it was the first time since working with Kim Wilson in 2004 that I've had a third-party do mixing. It was a great experience and the results are amazing, Steve knocked it out of the park!

Bman: Yes , you both did! It may just be me but did you hold back a little on guitar for this recording and push a little harder on the vocals?

JW: I try to play whatever feels best for the vision of the song. On a song like "So Long I'm Gone", it was more melodic where as on "You Got Caught", I let loose more and let the passion flow.

Bman: What has the initial reception been to this new release?

JW: So far it's received great reviews, and fans tell me it's their favorite yet!

Bman:That's what it's all about!! I know when we spoke 6 months or so back you were working on the recording. How do you feel about the final product. Would you change anything?

JW: Each recording is a snap-shot of where I was in my life and as an artist. So, the way it comes out is exactly as it should be. Already, I feel like I could make a better record next time, and it's that constant desire to out-do the previous release that keeps things challenging and growing.

Bman: It takes so long to get stuff done and the artistic juices continue to flow. Once we've done something we move on. I had heard that you are getting ready to hit the road. Europe is it? Is there a schedule that I can share for this? Do you have other bands that you are set to tour with?

JW: We're already one show into the tour, dates are all on facebook page and website. Last night I jammed with Raphael Wressnig and Alex Shultz, their organ trio is amazing. I've seen Raph once before, and I grew up listening to Alex on the Rod Piazza and the Mighty Flyers recordings. Always an amazing experience to play with my heroes, and especially when they are such nice guys too!

April in France, Germany, Belgium, Italy
Apr 14 Ambon Music Festival - Ambon, France
Apr 15 Le Bacardi - Callac, France
Apr 16 --
Apr 17 Taverne L’Hotel de Ville - Chatelet, Belgium
Apr 18 Herzog Ernst - Celle, Germany
Apr 19 Savoy - Bordesholm, Germany
Apr 20 Café Tach - Nettetal, Germany
Apr 21 --
Apr 22 Caf' Conc' - Ensisheim, France
Apr 23 Stile Libero - Cento, Italy - ITALY IS THE 18th COUNTRY WE'VE TOURED!

Bman: Are you going to hit the states? Is there a schedule for that?

JW: Next US tour will be January/February 2013... keep your eyes on the website for details!

Bman: Are you already working on material for your next release or do you knuckle down and do it in spurts?

JW: Right now, I am in the mode of gathering ideas for the next album, but mainly want to make sure I put the focus on getting this one out there first.

Bman: I appreciate you taking the time to talk with me. Is there anything else that you'd like to share with your fans?

JW: Thank you! Without all of the support we get from audiences, media, and venues everywhere, I couldn't live this dream. I consider myself very fortunate, lucky, and grateful for being able to do what I love. Readers should keep in touch on the facebook page - - I post photos and stories on there several times per week... a little insight to life on the road! - JW

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