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Monday, April 16, 2012

Eller Soul Records artist: Marion James - Northside Soul - New Release Review

I've been listening to the new recording set for release June 26, Northside Soul, by Marion James. Seven of the 13 tracks included on the release are original. James began in the business in the 60's having a hit single, That's My Man in the Billboard Top Ten in 1966. Marion returned to recording in the 90's and this, her third release since then is a pleasure to listen to. James sings with confidence and although my copy is so preliminary, the musicians aren't noted, backing vocals and the backing instrumentation is very strong. This recording, produced by bassist Tod Ellsworth, has strong components of soul, funk, blues and gospel making for a nice mix. Smokin' Hot has a great funky groove with horns and a real clean extended guitar solo. Corrupted World, a strong soul infused blues number and one of the best track on the recording. The backing vocalists set a nice palate to showcase the main artist and the guitar is tasty but not in your face. Crushing My Heart is a great blues track. I'd like to credit the guitar for his light but tasty guitar overlays. Next Time You See Me finds James leading the second line in New Orleans. Band is very tight. Blues Recipe has the structure of a gospel number. What I mean by that are the piano chords and pace of the track. It is very cool. Guitar man gets in there with some great jazzy double stop riffs too. I Know A Good Thing sounds like it's right off of an Al Green cd. Get your boogie shoes on! The Ray Charles classic, I Believe To My Soul, is nicely paced and of course gives the players a chance to kick it out a little. Cool track. Man Size Job finds James right on the middle of JB land... that's James Brown. The release concludes with a clip of the Willie Dixon classic, I Just Want To Make Love To You... then brought up to full tilt James Brown. It's great to see someone bring on where James left off.

Overall a very cool recording.
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