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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Delmark Records artist: Eddie C. Campbell - Spider Eatin' Preacher - New Release Review

Eddie C. Campbell is back with his new recording, Spider Eatin' Preacher. Campbell has a unique blues style that incorporates the ingredients of a stew of Blues, R&B, Soul, and a number of other other flavors. Campbell wrote 12 of the 15 tracks on this release and is joined by his partner, Barbara Mayson on bass and his Godson, Lurrie Bell on guitar. A particularly interesting song early in the recording is Call My Mama with some type of loose chant or call followed by a slick guitar solo. Soup Bone (Reheated) is a cool Albert King style blues and one of my favorites on the cd. Darryl takes a solo run on the keys on this one. I Don't Understand This Woman is a loping blues with some cool guitar riffs. Again Campbell's vocal styling is a strong component. Boomerang gets the swing moving and the use of guitars by Alexander Mejia with Campbell on this particular song are quite cool. Starlight is a smooth instrumental played in a Gatemouth swing style. Lurrie Bell plays some tasty riffs kicking this thing along just off beat...brilliant. There is also a great use of the echo and delay to create a cool ambiance. All My Life, a Jimmie Lee Robinson track, is really nicely executed by Campbell on vocal and guitar. Brownout has that funky R&B blues, Walter Wolfman Washington style with horns plentiful and I really like it. Playin' Out These Blues is a little ditty crafted between Campbell and Bell (with Bell on harp and vocal) and it's just like father and son sitting around the living room. A nice casual way to wrap up the release.

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