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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Burning Disk artist: - Sause Boss - Live At The Green Parrot - New Release Review

I just got the new release called Live At The Green Parrot by the Sauce Boss.This cd is a 4 wheel drive party. Killer Tone opens the recording with a song that sounds like a cross between the Beatles and ZZ Top (heavy on ZZ). It's a gritty, grindy sliding good time. Smugglers Cove, loosely based on Rollin' and Tumblin', is another great track and Sauce Boss keeps his resonator and slide hot. Gumbo Recipe is a narrative song that has a jazzy base and Elvin Bishop style delivery. It's a blast. This album just reeks of party! Lonesome Rider cranks up the heat and keeps the gritty slide going over an updated blues base. Sauce Boss is a really cool guitar player and he doesn't hold back. Chicken In The Gumbo is modeled after a James Brown tune, stinky funk. I mean wha wha guitar and funky bass...just waiting for the cape... get down(get on up)! What Was I Thinking is another stripped down blues rocker with great slide work. I mean, if you like grindy slide tone...this is the guy!!! Out In The Night is a ballad like song but takes plenty of time out for some soloing. There is a cool extended slide solo toward the end of the tune which will keep you wanting more. I Can't Sit Down is another funk laden song appropriate for the middle of the party... he even thrown in a few JB lyrics (OWWWWLL)! The guitar work is cool as ever. Lucky Charm is a loping southern style blues. It is a bit more conventional in styling but not a large departure from the balance of the recording.Most of the second half of the song is just to blow off some guitar could you not love that! Let The Big Dog Eat gets right into the groove and is an all out slide fest. The Goog begins with some unconventional slide tones and then into a relatively radio oriented track. Paco's Garden, another ballad structured tune has some pretty cool slide. Cathead Biscuit Gospel is a country blues foot stomper. This guy has a great time on this recording and I gotta tell do I. Find a copy. It's great!!
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