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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Solid Blues Records artist: JW-Jones - Seventh Hour- New Release Review

I just received a copy of JW-Jones new release Seventh Hour. Jones is taking a slightly different approach to this release and it could garner larger appeal. The 10 track release starts off with Ain't Gonna Beg which is rooted in R&B styling but actually bringing to mind early Yardbirds recordings. Of course there is a healthy scoop of blues guitar staying to JW's roots. Let It Go, a poppy tune, comes out with a jazzy step and produces some really tasty riffs on guitar. In A Song begins with a heavy tom tom rhythm and defines the pace of the tune but JW changes it up for the chorus with the full band breaking to more a rock beat. The guitar solos are all blues, double stops and bends, in reference to Jones' roots and pushing the track into a full rocker. You Got Caught has it's roots in the early R&B blues tracks and really gets a good groove going. I especially like the guitar solo on this with the surf tremolo sustains and articulate picking. All Over Again continues in the R&B style. I don't recall hearing any keys solos on earlier tracks but the Hammond cuts through. JW whips out a cool solo on this tune as well. Heartbreaker is another new path at the edge of Texas swing... with steel guitars and all. Now you have to understand that I hear the similarity in music and this could also be jump blues if you omitted the steel guitar, but JW does some of his most fluid guitar riffs and runs on this tune. Its a tapper! Do For You is back in the R&B / Blues groove. This gives JW the opportunity to really stretch his playing and you can sit back in your chair and close your eyes... and nod along. He gets a really cool groove going on this one...possibly my favorite solo on the release. I'm Trying gets into the Texas groove and we all know that JW can pound this track every which way from Sunday! He gets on that stinger note and rides it. The guitar work is great on this song is terrific... JW...sure you ain't from Texas? What Is Real returns to the R&B style feel. So Long I'm Gone is like a honky tonk rocker and is a great conclusion to the set. JW gets those rockabilly riffs (and the Hawaiian style) steel parts cranking. This is a different release from JW-Blues and one that I think will be well received!

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