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Friday, March 16, 2012

Stony Plain Records artist: Eric Bibb - Deeper In The Well - New Recording Review

Stony Plain Records releases Eric Bibb's label debut cd, Deeper In The Well, with a huge splash. Bibb is joined on this recording by multi-instrumentalist Dirk Powell, Creole fiddler Cedric Watson, drummer Danny Devillier and Harmonica player Grant Dermody.Special guests on the cd include Michael Jerome Brown, Jerry Douglas and Christine Balfa. Seven of the 13 tracks included on the release are Bibb originals. Bayou Belle is a quiet delta musical chant with Bibb's warm vocals complimented by Dermody's harp and his own guitar and swamp percussion of many types. Could Be You, Could Be Me is a great relaxed acoustic blues ... just perfect for laying in the hammock and laxin'. Dig A Little Deeper In The Well is an uptempo tune along the lines of Taj Mahal's I'm Going Fishing. This is a really enjoyable track with great supporting instrumentals and vocals. Money In Your Pocket actually starts to approach a roots (alt country) type song with snare drum taking precedence over earlier light handed rhythm. Boll Weevil is a traditional song and continues in the vein of earlier tracks staying on the light haunting sounds of the swamp folk blues. Sinner Man, another traditional song has a lot of the sounds present in older "plantation" tunes with beautiful background vocals and as throughout the entire recording, perfectly executed harp, fiddle and supplemental instrumentation. In My Time is a great straight up blues tune with terrific dobro tones by the unmistakable Jerry Douglas. Music is a happy go lucky tune almost approaching bluegrass. Movin' Up is an uplifting tune tune which would be the "airplay tune' on the cd to my ear. No Further is a quiet almost solemn tune with a solid rhythm played on dobro and vocals with warm harmonica interludes by Dermody. Every Wind In The River is an old Taj Mahal tune. I always liked this tune and Bibb takes a lighter touch on the song with banjo and mandolin. He has such a warm smooth voice is just flows nicely. Sittin' In A Motel Room is an introspective song with Bibb primarily playing his guitar and singing his thoughts. Its a nicely written and performed track. The Times They Are A Changin' of course by Bob Dylan is done beautifully by Bibb. Gone are Dylan's raspy voiced efforts and harmonica in the wind compliments (no disparaging comments toward to Bob intended) but Bibb transforms what was written as a beautiful concept into a beautiful anthem.

This is a really nice recording and if you like quiet calming blues with a swampy country twist... you should love this. Bibb is excellent!
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