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Friday, March 30, 2012

Dave Widow And The Lineup Layin' A Foundation (Room) At House of Blues April 4

"Dave Widow and the Lineup do an amazing job channeling the authenticity of blues, covering influential legends like Taj Mahal and T-Bone Walker without compromising their own style...Widow's guitar playing oozes with emotion and his raspy vocals hit notes with a bonafide bluesy tone. Dave Widow and the Lineup deserve a spot on the "1000 Bands To See Before You Die" list." MUSIC CONNECTION

House Of Blues Foundation Room - Wednesday, April 4th>

(WEST HOLLYWOOD) - No stranger to SoCal music enthusiasts, Dave Widow is getting his long-overdue recognition in the notoriously-competitive music business.

To wit: A recent sparkling review in highly-respected Music Connection Magazine - "If you are looking for a good time and great music, search no further than Widow and his band," writes MC reviewer Allegra Azzopardi. "Their masterful musicianship and deep understanding of the blues is a major draw, but the humble nature of each outrageously skilled player is what gives this group's music its genuine soul," he concludes. Also: A "Musical Group Of The Year" nomination for Dave Widow And The Lineup from the 2012 (22nd Annual) Los Angeles Music Awards.

Come check out Dave Widow And The Lineup in a special performance at the House Of Blues, Foundation Room (upstairs), 8430 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, Wednesday, April 4. 8-10 p.m. Info: (323) 848-5100.

Dave will be releasing his new CD, Waiting for The World To End, sometime this Spring. Check out recent interviews with Widow in All Access Magazine and Mixalis Greek Blues Magazine.

The guitarist-singer-songwriter from Cincinnati, Ohio and his band, "The Line Up", have appeared on a regular basis at such L.A. venues as The Langham, The Mint, Café Boogaloo, The House Of Blues, B. B. King's Blues Club, and The Lighthouse, as well as venues all across America, and abroad.

Watch a live performance by Dave Widow and the Line Up (along with special guest Bill Champlin of Chicago renown ) on the song "Don't You Lie To Me" here:

With his unique style of finger picking and distinct vocals, Widow brings a fresh approach to the Blues, while also combining elements of R&B, Funk, Soul and Rock. His musical style is influenced by his relationship with many great blues and R&B talents, including Buddy Miles, Bonnie Bramlett, Bill Champlain, Lonnie Mack, and his mentor and collaborator (the late) Roger "Jellyroll" Troy, bassist and vocalist for The Mike Bloomfield Band.

Widow is excited about his new material on his upcoming CD. "One of my new songs is called, "What Did I Do, To Piss You Off, This Time"...that needs little explanation, I think....there's also "Picture Of You," a melancholy song about remembering a lost love, via an old photo I found, on a rainy afternoon, and it's an Americana/dreamy-sort of tune..."Leave A Piece Of Me" was written about an old girlfriend who broke my heart."

As for the future? "I would like to be more well known, obviously, performing at concerts, and associated with a known record label, making CD's, or whatever medium is current at that time, still writing songs, collaborating on tunes with other writers and artists, and producing some other artists as well. I like to work on other artist's music, and help bring other artists ideas to fruition."

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