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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sony Music in association with Capo Records and Legacy re-issue of Rory Gallagher- Notes From San Francisco - Review

This is one that you don't want to miss! This is a lost Rory Gallagher album from 1978. After some internal distress after the end of his 1977 tour Gallagher shelved this album which he was recording at the time and broke up the band. Disc one is made up of 12 songs kicked off by Rue The Day which shows Gallagher's intensity was still up from the tour. Mississippi Sheiks highlights Gallagher's great guitar tone an presence on his soloing. Wheels Within Wheels is a much calmer Gallagher than I'm used to with a guitar playing in more of an ethereal manner. Overnight Bag is a great blues tune of course with strong guitars. You can actually hear Gallagher's inspiration for Brian May on this tune. Cruise On Out is uptempo and a real ripper! Fuel To The Fire is a modern style blues with a great guitar interlude. Cut A Dash is a great rock tune with great guitar and drums throughout. Out On The Tiles is a hard driven track almost literally paving the way for Stevie Ray Vaughn!

The second disk was recorded live in San Francisco in 1979 with Gerry McAvoy on Bass and Ted McKenna, a band he had after seeing the Sex Pistols. The influence is definitely apparent. Gallagher is always at his best when recorded live and this is no exception. This recording really kicks butt. it starts off with Follow Me and Shinkicker. Both tracks definitely present a more driven raw attach of the great master. He doesn't completely abandon his roots and Off The Handle is a more traditional blues. These tracks show a definite change in deliver from earlier recordings and a must have for Gallagher enthusiasts. Even traditional Gallagher tracks Calling Dard, Tattoo'd Lady have new perspective and Bullfrog Blues is absolutely on fire!! Gallagher concludes the release with Sea Cruise which is a slide guitar enthusiasts dream. If you haven't had the chance...don't wait!
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