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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sony Music in association with Capo Records and Legacy re-issue of Rory Gallagher- Irish Tour - Review

Third in the review of re - issue Rory Gallagher... Irish Tour. This is a recording that should be in every blues rock lovers library. It sounds as fresh as recorded yesterday and easily one of Gallagher's strongest recordings. This album came about as a result of the massive appeal of a concert filmed for television. It soon became apparent that the film deserved a larger audience and was released for the theater. This all came about during incredible turmoil in Belfast and most musicians wouldn't venture there. As this is a live recording, most of the songs have been released in studio form on other releases but never with such vigor! The recording opens with Cradle Rock and a series of pinched harmonics which have become synonymous with this recording. This track was first heard on the Tattoo'd Lady release but in a much more tame form. Rory is blazing with the slide right out of the chute! Next up is a Muddy Waters track, I Wonder Who and again Rory doesn't hold back and has some terrific pinched harmonics as well as the call and response associated with Chicago Blues. This track develops into a full on frontal attack with is guitar... WOW! third is Tattoo'd Lady of course from the Tattoo'd Lady release. This is a straight forward UK style blues rock track ... of course with a healthy share of Rory's excellent guitar technique and feel. Too Much Alcohol, a JB Hutto tune takes on more of a traditional delta feel only on Strat. There's also a real nice key solo in this track by Lou Martini. As The Crow Flies, a Tony Joe White tune is played on a National Resonator and is delivered in a modern but traditional fashion as only Rory could do. I will mention that Rory's harp playing on this track resembles Bob Dylan.
A Million Miles Away, another track from Tattoo'd Lady shows Gallagher's mastery of the guitar in so many ways. It is articulate, soulful and expressive ... just great!
Walk On Hot Coals, a true blues rocker is played with strong conviction and was surely a great centerpiece for the concert with extended instrumentals as only concert recordings have. Who's That Coming opens with Gallagher's trademark slide sound. Gallagher begins the track as a ditty and turns it into a full blown blues rock boogie. Back On My Stompin' Ground begins with a slide melody and the song builds from it. Gallagher again pulls out the stops and lets it fall where it may. Maritime, the final track on the recording is really only an outro sounding like a part of Santo and Johnny's Sleepwalk. Terrific ending to a terrific concert. You won't be disappointed!
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