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Friday, February 3, 2012

Smokeydoke Records artist: Guy Davis - The Adventures of Fishy Waters - Review

Guy Davis grew up in and around show business all of his life. With parents, both in the entertainment business and Guy spending a fair amount of time onstage without an instrument, he is a natural performer. Davis' life is heavily influenced by the tales of his father and grandfather and his own life experiences. His recognition of how the stories told to us as children has influenced our lives, has impacted his own life. Davis has put together a musical composition telling a numbers of stories and tales somewhat like folklore. The subject matter is significant, interesting, entertaining, historically stark (possibly even ugly) and funny but obviously long tales and not stories of Davis own life. They are more like a person repeating (or creating) tales of a happening that may or may not have happened but are created with a kernel of truth for listeners education but mostly entertainment. Davis, a very accomplished musician has put this compilation of stories together as as a series of vignettes in a play. They have relationship to each other but are not directly related. All told in the first person and accompanied with a resonator guitar or harmonica and sung by Davis in his authentic voice. Many of the musical tracks are familiar and all are well done. This is a great compilation to just sit back and enjoy instead of watching tv or driving where you can actually focus on the intricacies of the whole as opposed to listening to it as background music.
I found this package very entertaining and recommend it to anyone who likes to listen to old tales and blues music!
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