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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New release by: Tricia Freeman - Everyone Can See - Review

I just received the new recording by Tricia Freeman called Everyone Can See. This is a release that reflects all of the paths Tricia has explored. She opens the release with "Thought You Was The One", a funky blues number in the vein of Little Feat and Bonnie Raitt. This song not only features Tricia on vocal but K.K. Martin on slide. "Blind Man Wandering" is a heartfelt ballad with solid instrumentals as support. "Mama, He Treat's You Daughter Mean" is a song we've all heard but Trisha brings her own vocal flavor to it and again strong slide work by K.K. Martin shines through this time in tandem with piano work by Kerry Chester. "Going Back", another ballad reflects more to Tricia's country/folk roots with clouds of memories. "Let It Go" again a ballad is well constructed and professionally performed. "Time To Call A Friend" showcases Freemans vocal talents as well as her imaginative writing skills. Time To Call A Friend" has a country pop flair and gets a nice little groove going. It should get great airplay. "Tell Me", is an interesting song with an unusual construction format and K.K Martin on Pedal Steel adding texture. "Help Me", another ballad is strongly written in introspection. "Was It What You Wanted" is a country pop song waiting to happen. "You'll Fall In Love With Me" has the sounds of a rock song turned country. Almost Pat Benatar like delivery. The title track, "Everyone Can See" is a strong song with traces back to earlier times. I really like it.

This is a strongly constructed release although heavily ballad oriented, there are a few nice blues tunes.... especially "Thought You Was The One".
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