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I started a quest to find terrific blues music and incredible musicianship when I was just a little kid. I also have a tremendous appreciation of fine musical instruments and equipment. One of my greatest joys all of my life was sharing my finds with my friends. I'm now publishing my journey. I hope that you come along!

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Guitar Boogie - Otis Grand

OTIS GRAND, the Gentle Giant of the Blues, has absorbed a wide spectrum of Blues styles in the past four decades and now leads the hottest TRUE Blues and R & B band around today. More importantly, he not only carries the real blues TORCH for the heros of yesterday, his superb blues guitar technique and playing and originality and a tight band that rocks mean, Otis Grand also sets the standards for many others to follow which ensure that he is at the top of the Blues scene for many years to come.

Otis Grand has pioneered the big band blues sound over the last few years, starting with a West Coast R&B band and now moving into his present guitar led Big City style Blues. For the past ten years Otis has recieved a number of Awards including UK BLUES GUITARIST OF THE YEAR ( 1990- 96), Best Blues Albums, Best Band, and nominations to the prestigious W.C. HANDY BLUES Awards in Memphis, Tenn.Surely testimony enough of the man's ability and dedication to the Blues.

Anyone who has experienced the Gentle Giant of the Blues in action can bear witness to the devastating effect he and his band can have on the audience. His gigs are now legendry, drawing acclaim from purists and from those who come looking for a good night out.Otis has toured consantly turning in consistently great performances, building a big following and confirming his "numero uno" status in Europe.
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