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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Black and Tan artist: miX&dorp - Black and Tan Edits - New Release Review

This is a first for be reviewing a contemporary mix of traditional blues artists by a contemporary artist. Here's how the artist describes their work..."The blues used to be party music; now it can be played again at the hippest modern parties, festival and clubs ..…. and still feel down home".

It's hard to get you head around as you read it...but just listen to it. It is really solid sounding with the "real blues" deeply embedded and with an overmix of rhythms to make the music sound "new".

miX&dorp edits/remixes tracks that were originally released on Black and Tan Records in the past 14 years. It is a really refreshing look at the blues and I think one which will bring a broader audience to original blues music. Don't think of it as someone changing our "real blues"... think of how you found the "real Blues"... this is a new gateway!

If you're looking for something fresh but still want to listen to the delta sound... check this out. I really like it!

Track list and original artists:

1. Andaluzia (Pedro e os Lobos) **
2. Beggin Ain’t For Me (Big George Jackson)
3. Breakin Away (Billy Jones)
4. Can Man (Boo Boo Davis)
5. Dirty Haints (Big George Jackson)
6. Go For A Ride (Big George Jackson)
7. Here With You (Billy Jones)
8. Ice Storm (Boo Boo Davis)
9. It’s Hard (Harrison Kennedy)
10. Let Her Talk (Harrison Kennedy)
11. Mike in Jail (Boo Boo Davis)
12. Silvermine (Boo Boo Davis)
13. SixSixtySix (Turnip Greens)
14. Stay From The Casino (Boo Boo Davis)
15. The Devil Is Beating His Wife (Doug MacLeod)
16. The Snake (Boo Boo Davis)
17. Train My Baby’s On (Boo Boo Davis)
18. Walk On Tall (Boo Boo Davis)

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