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Thursday, December 22, 2011

New Release : ALIVE IN TAMWORTH - 8 Ball Aitken - review

I just received and had the pleasure to listen to 8 Ball Aitken's new release, ALIVE IN TAMWORTH. First I gotta tell you that you may look at 8 Ball and think he's not serious but I'll tell you... he is! His music is presented with a lighthearted attack but it's really hard not to have a good time listening to this. 8 Ball is a really fine player and a terrific showman and you can tell just listening to the recording that the crowd is really digging it. I can tell you a number of times in the 4 or 5 times I've listened to this recording I've thought "this really needs to be seen in person". 8 ball puts on a great show and I'd love to see him in person. If you like delta swampy music with a big touch of humor 8 Ball is your guy. I will mention that the cd is live and mostly acoustic resonator... it really adds to the basic sound! The interaction with the crowd really adds to the feel of the cd. I also think that hearing the names of some of the songs will give you a flavor of the theme:

Chocolate, Jack Daniels and LSD
Nobody Looks Ugly After Midnight
Outback Booty Call
Pitbull Is Off The Chain

I thoroughly enjoyed this cd and am looking forward to hearing more!
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