Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New Release - Can't Kick Love - Franco Paletta and the Stingers - review

I just received a copy of the new release from Franco Paletta and the Stingers called "Can't Kick Love". The band is made up of Franco Paletta on Vocal and Harp, Timmer Blakely on Bass, David Ward on Guitars, Jon Beyer on Drums, Steve Kevin on Piano and Organs, John Soller on Hammond B3. This is a tight little package of blues mostly in the upbeat style (call it what you will...not that good with definitions). All I know for sure is it's put together well, has great instrumentals and vocals. There are some real stand out harp, piano and guitar soloing on this recording disbursed throughout. I know it's the lazy mans way out but I'n not often a man of a lot of words... ok...let me rephrase that. I may go off for a while but music is subjective. Rather than tell you that I liked each song individually, I'll say I wasn't real keen on one song, Southbound but the rest of the recording was really good. The stand out track for me is "My Baby's Leavin" with use of great effects and abundant soloing.

Hope I convinced you to pick up a copy... you'll like it!

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