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I started a quest to find terrific blues music and incredible musicianship when I was just a little kid. I also have a tremendous appreciation of fine musical instruments and equipment. One of my greatest joys all of my life was sharing my finds with my friends. I'm now publishing my journey. I hope that you come along!

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Friday, December 9, 2011

New Jimi Hendrix Experience, 50% Off Hendrix Poster, Download Hot Tuna

New: Jimi Hendrix Experience New: Jimi Hendrix Experience
In 1968, Jimi Hendrix was putting more passion and fury into his live improvisations than ever before. This final set from his legendary October, 1968 run at Winterland captures Hendrix playing with relentless energy from beginning to end. With extended versions of classics like "Little Wing," "Spanish Castle Magic" and "Purple Haze," this is truly one for the ages. Hold on tight and enjoy the ride with this new 1968 Jimi Hendrix Experience set!
50% Off Winterland Jimi Hendrix Poster 50% Off Winterland Jimi Hendrix Poster
Since we are featuring a live Hendrix concert today, we thought it would be fitting to offer 50% off the poster for that 1968 Winterland show! Artists Rick Griffin and Victor Moscoso (two of the best) collaborated on BG140 with psychedelic lettering and a scarab beetle. From now through Sunday, take 50% off the 2nd printing of BG140 by using promo code JIMI at checkout. This makes for a great gift, but only lasts a few days, so don't delay!
Download Deal: Hot Tuna Download Deal: Hot Tuna
This 1972 recording features Jorma and Jack, along with violinist Papa John Creach and drummer Sammy Piazza, working their way through a set of delicious electric blues from around the time they had released their beloved Burgers album. Though they stretch out on a few occasions, this performance focuses on tight, precise arrangements, highlighting the beauty of their material and astounding control of dynamics. Download this Hot Tuna set for half price this weekend and show off your great taste in music to your friends.
New to the Vault: Suki Hill Photography New to the Vault: Suki Hill Photography
Suki Hill aimed her camera before most got wind of what was happening in Northern California in the 1960's. A local - she was on scene just as Dylan went electric; at the first US Beatles concert; when the Grateful Dead played for a sports store opening. She shot the 1st Anniversary of Bill Graham's Fillmore; the very first rock festival; and the 1st major US appearance of Hendrix. Now featured exclusively at the Vault, check out her images of a unique time and place.
Deal Of The Week: Jeff Beck Poster
Jeff Beck's guitar skills were sometimes overlooked due to his counterparts like Hendrix, Richards, and Page; but any big music fan (you of course) will tell you he was one of the all-time greats. Similarly, this poster by artist Lee Conklin can be overshadowed in the Bill Graham poster series, but a closer look reveals the twisted masterpiece that it is. Through the weekend, get this original Jeff Beck Fillmore poster at 50% off!
New: Grande Parade du Jazz, 1977 New: Grande Parade du Jazz, 1977
When George Wein produced 1977's Grande Parade du Jazz in Nice, France, he brought a particularly impressive lineup to the French Riviera. We've begun releasing recordings from that year's festival for streaming and download, starting with an impressive foursome: a flamboyant performance from jive pioneer Cab Calloway, a mini-set from old school ragtimer Eubie Blake, some ferocious swing from Pee Wee Erwin and his Kings of Jazz, and some hot Armstrong-and-Beiderbecke-inspired playing by cornetist Wild Bill Davison and his All-Stars.
Playlist: Best New Releases of 2011 (Part 1) Playlist: Best New Releases of 2011 (Part 1)
It's hard to believe 2011 is almost over (time flies when you're listening to hot jams), but that means it's time to highlight some of the year's best new releases. Today, we're starting with non-jazz shows that hit the site between January and June. Whether you're catching up on what you've missed or looking to re-visit a favorite, check out these songs by The Who, Bob Dylan & The Band, Van Morrison, Gregg Allman, Journey & Friends, Phil Lesh & Friends, Los Lobos, Muddy Waters and more. Happy Vault digging!
Featured Video: U2, "Sunday Bloody Sunday," Giants Stadium, June 15, 1986 Featured Video: U2, "Sunday Bloody Sunday," Giants Stadium, June 15, 1986
Even during the early stages of their ascendancy as the biggest band in the world, U2 always made time for causes they held dear, and this emotional version of one of the first of many top ten singles for the Irish group is the perfect finale for our week-long focus on 1986's A Conspiracy of Hope Tour in

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