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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Marcel Marsupial Records artist: Boy Wells - Blue Skies Calling - New Release Review

I just received the new recording from Boy Wells called "Blue Skies Calling". I have to admit I was unaware of Wells until he was called to my attention only a few months ago. The recording starts out with a horn driven song that you'd never expect.... I mean if you like that jam groove with sax and trumpet with guitar'll love this. The recording continues with a more southern rock tune with the slide guitar and harp blazing. The third track, "Bring it Back" is a stand out track with great horns, vocals and guitar. The recording progresses into a jazzy blues on the fourth track but then makes an abrupt turn on the title track for more of a southern country ballad (a'la Dickey Betts). On the 6th track, Love in Vain" which we previewed in our previous post for the announcement of this cd, Wells conjures up the environment of a smokey 50's blues ballad with the screaming horns, and screaming guitars that is likely to please anyone who listens. The recording then returns to more of a ballad driven tune that could easily have been penned by JJ Cale again with strong guitar support.A continuation of the southern rock sound with the twin guitar leads and solid vocals. Tova, an acoustic instrumental is a nice break near the end of the cd folowed by Devils Backbone Blues which is pretty much a raw blues tune with voice, tambourine and resonator (possibly one of the best tunes on the cd. "Tin Winter" is pure bluegrass and a lot of fun. The recording is concluded with "Traveller" which is another bluegrass type tune. Overall this recording takes you on a pretty nice audible journey through America. Enjoy the ride. I do have to say as a separate comment, he can really play. This cd touches on most every genre a man would likely hear growing up in southern Maryland. Wells like many others boys his age at the time were drawn to the guitar by the likes of Duane Allman. He met guitar legend Danny Gatton when he was in his teens and they became friends ... Wells taking guitar lessons and learning about hot rods...another of Gatton's passions. Wells is joined on this recording by John Prevetti on bass (Danny Gatton), Bruce Crump on drums (Molly Hatchett), Rickie Simkins on violin and mandolin (Emmylou Harris) among others. Also included on this recording is an unbelievable extra... a recording of a 1 hour guitar lesson between Wells and Gatton. This is worth half the price of admission itself. If you don't know Gatton...check my library. That man was a terrific showman and guitar player!
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