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Friday, December 30, 2011

David Lynch Update

David Lynch & Friends

San Luis Obispo, CA
Folk / California Bluegrusion / Acoustic

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DROP KICK 2011 !!

Happy New Year Everyone,
This will be my last email for the year of 2011. It has been a VERY eventful year indeed. As I reflect on events of the year, I am staggered by both the number of and the size of the changes.
I have mentally morphed away from my dependence on the “normal” job (not initially by my own intention).
I have (with the help of some very gracious supporters) completed a new album, I Can See Sound, which is my greatest musical endeavor to date.
I have increased my global visibility (again with the help of many, very kind people.) The result has been a number of great reviews on both the record itself and my live performance, which help confirm for me the validity and the quality of the work I am doing. I would do the work anyway, but the validation is still nice.

National Rank: 778 +1 on Reverbnation under "Folk" as of today !

Global Rank: 1,288 -1 on Reverbnation under "Folk" as of today !

I have secured gigs and performed internationally and as a result have grown immensely on many different levels.
I have sold the majority of my possessions (in fact the whole family’s possessions) and embarked on a global journey, which is still unfolding as we enter 2012. I realize now that the true value of this effort has been that I am spending otherwise impossible quality time (on great adventures and some really fine “downtime”). We are all redefining ourselves on a larger scale, and it will be interesting to see who we are, if and when we return.
This has all been possible with the help of all of you, and I thank you.
In closing let’s drop kick 2011 out the window and go into 2012 embracing change!
3 quick music items to mention:
1. I Can See Sound will very soon be available on from davidlynchmusic !!! (It’s already on itunes and cdbaby).
2. My publicist Doug Deutsch was recently part of a panel discussion on “Bman’s Blues Report” with a group of pro publicists discussing aspects of the job. If you are interested in what a publicist does, here is the Bman's Blues Discussion.
3. Last but not least. Our time house sitting in Mackay is drawing to an end. We have been invited to work as volunteers at the Newstead Live Music Festival Australia. The promoter Andrew Pattison assures me there will be many opportunities to play (I’ll get my foot in the door one way or the other!). I’m still looking for more gigs heading south on the eastern seaboard of Australia so pass it around and send me an email. I love hearing from all of you!
SEE YOU IN 2012 !!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!

Contact: Doug Deutsch Publicity Services

"As we have come to expect of David Lynch, his new album I Can See Sound offers a mix of quite different sounds, from the relatively dark anti-war song Mahatma, of a soldier pleading for Gandhi's help to end war, to the beautifully sad title track. There's something in the album for everybody. You never know what you are going to get next, and each track is different and a delight to listen to." MAGIC TRAX

"Just like the movie director paints outside the lines with his creations, this David Lynch does exactly that on this multi-genre style album...a unique mix of Blues and Folk, with a little bit of the (California) coastal say his music is diverse would be an understatement..."Beautiful Blaze" and "No Way To Judge" are great examples of his balladry, and the closing title cut is the shining example of his writing." MUSIC NEWS NASHVILLE
(Auckland, New Zealand) - When American musician David Lynch decided he wanted nothing better than to go Down Under and play his songs for music lovers in this wonderful part of the world, he came up with a novel idea: Take his family with him and document everything on film. Thus far the exciting sojourn has taken the eclectic singer/songwriter from sunny California through the Pacific Islands, and now, to New Zealand, with Australia the next stop on the Lynch’s itnerary.
While in New Zealand, Lynch brings his unique brand of music labeled by some critics as "California Bluesgrusion" - in reality, a tasty mix of thought-provoking, musically-rich folk, pop, blues, and melodic fusion - to perform at "Workshop At The Rockshop," hosted by the Guitar Association Of New Zealand (GANZ), at Ponsonby Cruising Club, Westhaven, Auckland (above Sitting Duck Cafe'), Wednesday, 19 October. 8:30-9:45 p.m.; $15. (GANZ members $10.). Info: 021 419 890 or Most likely he will be accompanied by his lovely wife Dru and three great sons. The excitement he feels to be performing in New Zealand will undoubtedly result in a top-notch performance that evening by David!! On 19 November, he performs at The Free House in Nelson, NZ.
The soft-spoken, always upbeat Lynch was proverbially dragged away from his successful Hollywood gig as an Emmy-winnning Sound Editor (hence the title of his recently-released CD, "I Can See Sound") by his love of music and desire to play it full-time. So far, say the gatekeepers of musical taste (also known as critics), Lynch's decision has been a wise one. "My personal favorite of the, funny, intimate, heartfelt, and just plain enjoyable," raves Kathy Johnston of New Times. "The most fun I've had listening to music in a long time," says Sonnie Brown from public radio station KCBX. "The Norman Rockwell of lazy day music," exclaims Cashbox Magazine.. "A unique cross of blues and folk...Lynch delivers with a laid-back vocal ease," writes Country Entertainment USA. "Percussive, intelligent and highly infectious, this is an engaging collection of of songs from a songwriter who's comfortable in his own skin," states Glenn Starkey at New Times.
Watch David performing his song "200 Light Years" during a recent performance at the iconic Pig N’ Whistle nightclub in Hollywood, California:
David Lynch Pig N' Whistle Live
I Can See Sound offers the kind of music that is sure to get your body moving, make you smile, and inspire you to think about how you're living life - it's a good thing. Listen and see for yourself!
David Lynch is the Artist Spotlight feature on American Veterans Radio the week of Sunday, 23-30 October, during which time his music will be played and heard around the world. For a man currently traveling the globe with his family all for the love of performing music, this seems very appropriate!

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"David Lynch’s style is not country and is not pure blues, although there is an element of each in his attractive acoustic fusion of styles - a funky Cali-pop mix that is easy on the ears with some great lyrics worth listening to. It’s not really possible to put David’s music into any one style, which is a large part of its appeal. You never know what you are going to get next, and each track is different and a delight to listen to. You can listen to David Lynch three ways: you can enjoy the fabulous breadth of his musical talent and terrific acoustic guitar work, you can listen to the lyrics that do more than just add vocals to his music, or you can take in the whole David Lynch experience and bask in the entire performance of every song on this fabulous album - without being bored because no two are alike in style or content!" Bob Page, Magic Trax Media

"Often a great song is better served when presented by someone other that the writer. This is definitely not the case here. David Lynch delivers the total package--skillful guitar work, smooth and sincere vocals and a confident stage presence. And perhaps most importantly, his songs are easy to relate to, which make them memorable. No matter what season of life you find yourself in, this singe-songwriter is including you in his journey. By the end of the set, you are likely to feel as if you know David Lynch, and maybe even yourself, a little better than you did before." Lisa Elaine Scott, Music Connection

".... just like the movie director paints outside the lines with his creations, this David Lynch does exactly that on this multi-genre style album. His music has been called „California Bluegrusion,” and with good reason. It‟s a unique mix of Blues and Folk, with a little bit of the Coastal sound, as well. To say this music is diverse would be an understatement. On few albums will you find something as light and easy as “Your Last Man” and “Einstein” coupled with something as heavy as “Mahatma,” a plea to Gandhi for guidance in war times. There‟s also the soothing and relaxing “Feel The Rush” and “Marianne‟s Wedding,” both of which just lure you in like an old friend. “Beautiful Blaze” and “No Way To Judge” are great examples of his balladry, and the closing title cut is the shining example of his writing. It‟s one of those songs that just when you think all the ideas have been taken….one comes along that makes you sit up and take notice." Chuck Dauphin, Music News Nashville


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