Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bloodshot Records artist: Exene Cervenka - The Excitement of Maybe - New Release Review

I just received a copy of Exene Cervenka's new recording, "The Excitement of Maybe".
Many know Exene as a lead member and co-founder of the legendary Los Angeles punk rock band, X.

Following the formal breakup of X, a band she still performs with on occasion, Exene continued her transformation into a more formidable solo artist by continuing to write musically, releasing critically acclaimed solo albums (1989’s Old Wives’ Tale and 1990’s Running Scared), within the print medium through poetry and books, in spoken word performances, and as a visual artist. She has also been a member of the groups Auntie Christ, the Original Sinners and the Knitters.

In this, Exene's latest endeavor, she puts together a collection of songs about being in love, loves lost and forgetting love. “In the early sixties I heard great song after great song. Ray Price, The Shirelles, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Brenda Lee, Ray Charles. And almost all of them love songs. Sad ones, happy ones, funny ones, tragic ones. That’s what five year- old Exene figured out. But love, on the other hand, I can’t ever seem to figure out.”

Exene's newest endeavor runs the gamut of orchestral accompaniment, horn sections and pedal steel guitar. The simpler tunes like "Alone in Arizona" and "Long Time Ago" showcase the sensitivity of Exene's voice and writing capabilities. "I Wish It Would Stop Raining" has the haunting minor harmonies of an Appalachian folk song with fiddle accompaniment.

This is the continuation of a journey by a successful artist which if sure to add more followers to an already solid fan base.
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