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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lost Myself - Jordan Cook

With an impressive record of heavy hitting performances with some legendary artists including Van Morrison, Edgar Winter, B.B. King and more, Jordan Cook is known to blow away audiences and critics alike. Names like Alvin Handwerker (AC/DC), the Matrix, among others have signed on to have a role in Jordan Cook’s story.

With a time frame of 20 years experience behind him, Jordan Cook is now focussed on his new album and the future of his music. Jordan describes some of the songs on the highly anticipated album Seven Deadly Sins as “the most introspective songs I have written to date-”and has audiences proclaiming that the hard effort has been well worth it.

Jordan’s mission for this album has been to bring back the “feeling” into music; a quality that he believes has been missing for too long. There has never been a doubt in Jordan’s musical talent, but now with the energy from loyal fans, and the backing of the music community at large, the sky has become the limit.

With a gift to entertain, and a style that astounds, Jordan Cook is giving music lovers all around the world something to write home about.
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