Monday, November 14, 2011

Le Roi Records artist: Alastair Greene - Through The Rain - New Release Review

I just got a copy of Alastair Greene's new recording "Through The Rain". This is a pretty interesting recording... a definite change up from his last recording, "Walking In Circles". This is definitely not your daddy's blues recording. It has a lot more connections to the sons of the blues than the fathers. The guitar riffs that you have come to expect and the slide solos are there but the format is totally different. The first thing that hits you that is different is the off beat rhythm and possibly even funk/metal bottom but with more ethereal writing on the fill behind the melody of the recordings. Kind of like throwing Living Color in a bag with Molly Hatchett, The Dregs, some NW Grunge, Lindsay Buckingham, Marshall Tucker, Black Sabbath... It has all of the polish of the best of the bunch, the snappy guitar solos that you'd expect from AG and a whole lot of rock!

I found the recording a lot of fun to listen to and I expect that you will to!
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