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I started a quest to find terrific blues music and incredible musicianship when I was just a little kid. I also have a tremendous appreciation of fine musical instruments and equipment. One of my greatest joys all of my life was sharing my finds with my friends. I'm now publishing my journey. I hope that you come along!

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Everything I Do - Maurice John Vaughn & Fred Brousse

Vaughn, now 43, began his musical career while attending Juliet Low grade school on Chicago's South Side, playing drums, guitar and clarinet in the school band. He moved on to playing in various Top 40 cover bands. In 1968, he concentrated on the saxophone in order to join a local jazz trio. "They wanted a sax player, and I wanted to be Li the band," Vaughn recalls. He made his very first recording with an R&B group called the Chosen Few for Chi-Sound records in 1976. But soon after that the saxophone jobs were drying up, so Vaughn turned his attention to his guitar. Echoes of Albert King, Albert Collins, John Lee Hooker and B.B. King can be heard in Vaughn's unique guitar style< In 1979, Vaughn entered the blues world after Phil Guy — brother of legendary guitarist Buddy Guy and a guitarist and bandleader in his own right — sat in with Vaughn's soul band which was playing behind Professor Eddie Lusk. After the gig, Guy invited Vaughn and band to join him for an upcoming Canadian tour. Soon Vaughn was playing with the top Chicago blues talents: Luther Allison, Son Seals (with whom he toured Europe) and A.C. Reed (whose Alligator recording, PM IN THE WRONG BUSINESS (AL 4757), features Vaughn on guitar). Maurice's musical vision and self-guided career helped land him with Alligator Records. In 1986, Maurice played, produced, recorded and financed his own solo album. He was, as he says, "tired of waiting in line for producers to call," so he formed his own Reecy label, and released GENERIC BLUES ALBUM. On the strength of this recording, Alligator president Bruce Iglauer invited Vaughn into the studio to cut a track for THE NEW BLUEBLOODS (AL 7707) compilation album. Alligator then worked out a distrib­ution deal for GENERIC BLUES ALBUM (AL 4763) with Maurice, reissuing the album with an addi­tional track. Guitar World declared, "Blues album of the year!" As well as writing up-to-the-minute urban blues songs, Vaughn loves to perform. A typical Vaughn show involves a close rapport with the audience. His style is comfortable and inclusive. He'll talk to the audi­ence as if they were all sitting in his living room. "You won't just see me stand there with my guitar," Vaughn says. One way he has learned to keep his live show fast paced and always fun is by playing for kids. Vaughn often plays in schools for children who have never heard blues music. He'll update Sonny Boy Williamson's "Help Me" to include lyrics about homework. "Kids have short attention spans, so I need to keep things fun and exciting or I'll lose them. I always keep this in mind when I'm performing in clubs." Vaughn loves to travel and is constantly updating his sound and style. His abundant talent and experience place him at the forefront of the contemporary blues world. His innovative songs, passionate singing, blis­tering guitar playing and romping saxophone mark IN THE SHADOW OF THE CITY as a visionary work from a true blues original. With IN THE SHADOW OF THE CITY, Maurice John Vaughn is moving out of the shadows and stepping directly into the spotlight. “Like” Bman’s Facebook page. We use Facebook to spread the word about our blog. We will not hit you with 50 posts a day. We will not relay senseless nonsense. We use it only to draw attention to some of the key posts on our blog each day. In this way we can get out the word on new talent, venues and blues happenings! - click Here

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