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Monday, October 24, 2011

New Ruf Records release : Voodoo Moon - Savoy Brown - review

Savoy Brown started as a more traditional blues band back in the 60's but became almost synonymous with Boogie during the 70's. Although band leader, Kim Simmonds has remained a constant with the band over the years a compliment of other players in the group have influenced the general sound widely. Early Savoy Brown albums such as "Raw Sienna", "Street Corner Talking" and "Looking In" firmly planted Savoy Brown in the modern "bone chilling" blues bands with a slow melding into album oriented music in "Hellbound Train". By the early 70's and the release of "Lions Share's" rock hit "Tell Mama" cast a new stone into the fire. With new addition of Chicken Shacks Stan Webb and the departure of Dave Peverett along with the bands rhythm section (to form Foghat) the band started off on a journey of continuous experimentation producing a number of interesting blues rock oriented recordings.

This new Savoy Brown release (cd or Vinyl!!) is possibly the best release since the the late 80's!! There have been some great live releases by the band but none of their studio releases were really on par with the band that was Savoy Brown up until the mid 70's. Now I have kept up with the band and have seen them personally live possibly 10 times in the past 7 years and they are always great in concert. Kim Simmonds is an incredible guitar player and extremely personable. A guy who would play all night for you and likely buy you a beer afterwards...just a great guy!

I know that their tour repertoire always includes a healthy dose of traditional Savoy Brown great songs but I can honestly say this release will be adding some great material to this group of songs and I am anxiously awaiting the bands return to town.

This is a band if you haven't seen...and you love blues a must see!!

And this is a great release. Kims guitar tone is clean with a lot of grit as usual and the new vocalist is a great addition. Do you get the feeling that I like it?

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