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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tech Talk - Brunetti Singleman (2010)


BRIGHT manual switch
SMOOTH, FAT TWEED manual switch
BOOST manual switch for medium frequencies
AMPLIFIER: class A 16W (6V6GT tubes) or class AB 35W (6L6WGC tubes)
POWERLIMIT®: FULL, MODERATE, QUIET manual switch which operates
on the final stage reducing power to 1/4 and 1/16
REVERB: Accutronics spring, excluded by remote switch
EFFECTS LOOP: send return suitable for rack/stomps, could be excluded by manual switch (true bypass)
LOUDSPEAKER: 12” cone Celestion V30 (16 OHM)
EXTERNAL SPEAKER: rear output, 16 Ohm for add-on speaker
TUBES: 2X 12AX7/ECC83 + 2X 6V6GT (autobias) or 2X 6L6WGC (trimmed bias)
STRUCTURE: chassis and panels iron/stainless steel laser cut
ELECTRONICS: “Red Series” MKP WIMA capacitors, sealed relays, low noise film resistors
OVERALL DIMENSIONS: L 465 mm, H 500 mm, D 270 mm - L 18,3”, H 19,7”, D 10,6”
WEIGHT: 18 Kg - 39,7 lbs
BOX CONTENT: power cable, reverb switch, owner’s manual, and waterproof cover

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