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Friday, June 17, 2011

Wide Oval Rippoff - Peter Lang

Peter Lang (born 1948) is an accomplished acoustic guitarist, from the same genre, American Primitivism, as the better-known guitarists Leo Kottke and John Fahey. All three artists shared the Takoma Records label, and a joint-titled album released in 1974 features a selection of songs from each.

Peter Lang was discovered in 1972 by legendary guitarist John Fahey. Lang's first solo album, entitled The Thing at the Nursery Room Window, was released in 1972. Along with Lang, Fahey launched the careers of other notable artists on Takoma Records, including Kottke, George Winston, Robbie Basho, Bola Sete and others. Peter Lang toured, and recorded for nearly ten years, developing a reputation as one of the nation's top acoustic players. In the 70's he was in good company, having recorded or performed with Ry Cooder, John Fahey, Jerry Garcia, Chet Atkins, John Hartford, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Emmylou Harris, Leo Kottke, Freddie King, The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, John Hammond, Keith Jarrett, Phoebe Snow, Maria Muldaur, The Yellowjackets, Robben Ford, and many others.

Lang's musical career was postponed in the 1980s, to allow him to pursue a career in animation and special effects production. He took time out from this position in 1999 to pursue music once again, culminating in the release of Dharma Blues in 2002. This was followed by Guitar in 2003. Both Lycurgus and Prime Cuts were re-released in 2003 with bonus tracks.

On October 31, 2009, the following text was posted on

Peter Lang, a fixture in traditional American Music for forty years, was involved in an Automobile Accident in May of 2008. He suffered neck and back injuries including nerve impingement which has affected the use of his left hand. His no fault insurance provider has refused to cover medical expenses that continue to accrue. His medical insurer will not cover his expenses as they consider them the result of the Automobile Accident. The auto insurer has taken the position that the problems are due to preexisting conditions. Unfortunately it has headed to the court system. In the meantime Lang’s expenses continue to mount. The purposes of this fund are to help defray costs until there is resolution. To compound this problem Lang also had surgery in February of this year to have infected bone removed from his skull coupled with ear surgery following a protracted illness. In May he also underwent hip replacement surgery. Needless to say his performance schedule has been severely impacted (and may continue to be based on the continuing issues with his auto injury and the insurance issue). Whatever you might consider will be greatly appreciated by Peter and his family.
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