Saturday, June 18, 2011

Travellin' South - Hamilton Loomis & Matt Schofield

Matt Schofield (born 21 August 1977) is a UK blues guitarist and singer whose music blends blues with rock and funky jazz rhythms. His band, The Matt Schofield Trio, play their own material, which is a blend of blues, funk and jazz, along with covers of blues classics such as Albert Collins' "Lights Are On, But Nobody's Home".
Schofield performs with an organ trio (guitar, organ, and drums), which is an unusual format for blues bands. Organ trios are mostly associated with the 1950s and 1960s U.S. jazz groups led by organists such as Jimmy Smith. Blues bands more commonly use trios of guitar, bass and drums, quartets (guitar, keyboards, bass, and drums) or quintets (guitar, rhythm guitar, keyboards, bass, and drums). In Schofield's organ trio, organist Jonny Henderson plays a Hammond organ, performing basslines using his left hand, and playing chords and lead lines with his right hand. The trio's drummer is Evan Jenkins. Jeff Walker played bass on the final track of Siftin' Thru' Ashes. In 2009, as of the recording of 'Heads, Tails & Aces', The Matt Schofield Trio became The Matt Schofield Band, a four-piece, featuring Jeff 'The Funk' Walker on bass, and also replacing Evan Jenkins with Alain Baudry. His Telecaster, an SVL,is Hand-Made by his guitar tech Simon Law. However, a concert at the Swindon Arts Centre on 22 October 2009, the band reverted to a trio. In June, 2010, Kevin Hayes, legendary 12/8 Rhythm 'n Blues drummer and the "Friendliest Man in Showbusiness", replaced Evan Jenkins in the band.
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