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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tech Talk - Marble Max Amp (2006)

input, volume & tone
1x8 MARBLE Bluetone C8H25 speaker
poweroutput: 7,5 watts (6W RMS at 8 Ohm)
dimensions: 34 x 29 x 20 cm, weight: 7 kg

pre-amp: 1x 6SL7GT or 12AT7NOS
power-amp: 1x 6V6GT or 5881
rectifier: 1x 5Y3GT
The circuitry is based on the tweed Champ designs with a single ended class A output section. Special transformers are developed to accept a 6V6 as well as a 6L6 powertube. The 6V6 is sweeter and rounder, the 6L6 will give better low end and can be used in combination with a 5AR4 rectifier to produce more than 10Watts. The pre-amp operates with an old style 6SL7GT tube but can be modified to a more conventional 12AT7NOS.

AJ: "The 6SL7GT’s have a nice round and warm tone for clean as well as overdriven sounds. The 12AT7 has a stronger more detailed midrange focus, and has the advantage of being interchangable with the 12AX7 for maximum gain or the 12AY7 for more vintage tone".

The powersection uses a 5Y3GT rectifier tube for the right amount of compression and nice detailed upper harmonics when pushed. The MAX is equipped with a special design "Marble Bluetone" 8 inch speaker. We added a special powersoak / line out circuitry that enables the amp to operate without any speaker load. In this way, the amp can be used as a preamp only or can be hooked up to a larger guitar amp or PA to produce a big sound when required.

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