Monday, June 13, 2011

Its A Pity - Kilborn Alley Blues Band

Andrew Duncanson, Vocals/Guitar
Josh Stimmel, Guitar
Chris Breen, Bass Guitar
Ed O'Hara, Drums
2 time Nominated Blues Music Award artist
Best New Blues Band, 2006 "Put it in the Alley"
Best Contemporary Blues Album, 2007 "Tear Chicago Down"
Kilborn has had a lot of sucess and is still moving in the right directions. Playing classic blues, they are introducing the music to a younger generation in there hopes to revive a little of the past.
More About The Kilborn Alley Blues Band

The Kilborn Alley Blues Band was formed in 2000 when Andy Duncanson was still in high school, and Chris Breen and Josh Stimmel were barely out. Within a few months Joe Asselin, from Maine, signed on, and in 2005 Ed O'Hara joined the band.

The line-up is Duncanson vocals and guitar, Asselin harmonica, Breen electric bass, Stimmel guitar, and O'Hara drums.

The Kilborn Alley Blues Band plays filthy Chicago blues, with just a little bit of southern fried soul. The point of the act is to deliver the blow out bar show associated with blues at its zenith. Kilborn Alley is not about youth angst; it is about adult delirium.

If we wrote the history of this band here, you wouldn't believe us. Playing over 1000 shows, in front of 1000's of people Kilborn Alley continues that raw sound of blues and releases it to the public in a show that will drop you to your knees. If you are a blues fan, if you are not a blues fan, doesn't matter after a Kilborn show you will be a fan of the blues and Kilborn.

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