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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Head Honchos - Upcoming Shows

"Ground-Breaking Blues...." BLUES SOURCE                                 
Head Honchos' Main Photo

WHO ARE THESE GUYS? Original and soul-pounding Blues at its best. I have seldom heard a Blues-Rock band with so much power! This is hard rockin' blues at its best...I've been waiting for's like getting kicked in the gut and saying thanks...really powerful backup and spin-tingling, terrifying, aggressive guitar playing is the new deal here. I am not going to compare this CD with anybody's CD. You just have to hear it.This is ground-breaking Blues."             BLUES SOURCE

          Perform Locally: CHARLEY HORSE in New Lennox - Friday, July 8 
          (NEW LENNOX, IL) - Straight out of the Windy Cindy, Head Honchos' is a new band that play smokin' Chicago blues (with a touch of rock) at its finest, formed by guitarist Rocco Calipari Sr. (who is also a member of noted longtime Chicago band, Howard and the White Boys).    
          Head Honchos' bring their "ground-breaking blues" to Charley Horse, 901 E. Lincoln Highway, New Lennox, Friday, July 8. 9 p.m. No cover! Info: (815) 463-1700 or logo onto
         Since the Mid-Fall release of their self-titled seven-song CD, the buzz has been big for this talented Chi-town quartet. Positive reviews have come in from publications near (ILLINOIS ENTERTAINER; CHICAGO EXAMINER) and far (BLUES MATTERS and METALLIVILLE, both in the U.K.). The group recently performed live on  the morning show "INDY STYLE," which airs live daily over WISH-TV Channel 8 in Indianapolis. Watch below:

         In a time when American music is too often characterized by emasculated melodies, narcissistic lyrics, and hyped mediocrity - Head Honchos' offer up intense body-moving rhythms and emotionally-charged guitar expressions on their recently-released seven-song self-titled CD.  Grounded on the foundations of American blues, rock, soul, and funk, Head Honchos' launch their improvisational excursions with an irresistable invitation to kick back, let go, and enthusiastically ENJOY! 
       Head Honchos' CD contains  some quickly-memorable originals ("Lucky's Train," "Whiskey Devil," "Good Love," "That Driving Beat") as well as sizzling interpretations of classics such as Albert King's "Going Down," "Fire On The Bayou" by Aaron Neville,  and Wilson Pickett's "99 1/2 Won't Do."    
      Front person Rocco Calipari's Detroit-schooled vocals will leave no doubt of the unapologetic American identity we all experience. In an artistic celebration of our shared pride and joy, Head Honchos' cover some of our most loved standards, while introducing to an appreciative audience "roots-inspired" new tunes. Calipari is a skilled teacher of guitar and since 1995 has been playing lead guitar for well-known Chicago band,  Howard and The White Boys" Rocco recorded with Buddy Guy on H&TWB's CD, The Big Score. Additionally, he has performed with Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, Carl Weathersby, Son Seals, and many more. As one of Chicago's great contemporary blues guitarists, Rocco has played in 40 states and 12 countries around the world. Other bands members include : 
        CC Copeland: This Chicago blues mainstay has worked his bass magic with John Primer, Vance Kelly, Sharon Lewis, Melvin Taylor, Howard Scott, and many more of Chicago's outstanding musicians. Copeland has played to cultured audiences in the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, and Belgium. As a music educator he has taught and developed programs for public school students, as well as, college age learners.
         Rocco Calipari Jr.: Rocco Jr. first sat in with Howard and the White Boys when he was 15 years old. He attended the Guitar Institute in Hollywood, Calif. where he studied under Carl Verheyen (Supertramp), jazz/blues great Scott Henderson, and famed blues instructor/writer Keith Wyatt. His approach to the guitar, while grounded in rock and blues, is keenly aimed at a post-modern interpretation of American roots music.
        Scott Schultz: Brings to the drums a rich foundation in the artistry of percussion based on the creativity of John Bonham, Mitch Mitchell, Ian Pace, and Dave Grohl. With his first band "Suburbanite", he toured the entire Midwest. With his rhythmically-intense approach to the drums, he has now established in Chicago an enthusiastic new audience for his engaging percussive skills. 
Head Honchos Band Photo
HEAD HONCHOS' (l to r): Rocco Calipari Sr.; Scott Schultz; CC Copeland; Rocco Calipari Jr.
         July 8 (Fri.)                      CHARLEY HORSE                     New Lennox, IL
         July 22 (Fri.)                    FRANKLIN HOUSE                    Valparaiso, IN
         July 30 (Sat.)                   MARTINI'S                                    Valparaiso, IN


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