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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tech Talk - Fender Sidekick 10

Latest installment in cool little amps. Check it out!

Dependable amplification for beginners and students! The very affordable Sidekick puts 10 Watts through a 6" speaker, with a pair of tone controls, a headphone jack, and an Overdrive switch for rockin' solos.

Fender amps are one of the guitarists favorite amps. This little Fender Squire Sidekick guitar amp is sure to become a favorite of the young beginner. The Fender Sidekick practice amp is dependable amplification for beginners and students.

This very affordable Fender amp puts 10 watts through a 65" speaker, with a pair of tone controls, a headphone jack, and an overdrive switch for rocking solos. Hook up and wail away.

Fender Sidekick Specifications:

* 10 Watt Amplifier
* 2 Tone Controls
* Headphones Out
* 6" Speaker
* Overdrive switch

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