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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Novax Guitars - Natural

These guitars are the ultimate in fidelity.

Novax instruments have several unusual design features; these features, while offering an appealing and unique aesthetic, are primarily performance enhancers. Novax has redesigned the guitar to be more playable, more versatile, more in-tune, and more “open” and “alive” sounding. The playing experience is enchanting and addictive - it sounds so good and feels so natural that you’ll want to play more!

The powerful combination of the Fanned-Fret system coupled to our proprietary individual bridge system results in an instrument with exceptional articulation, a unique tonal signature, and natural playability.

An appropriate analogy might be found in the evolution of the automobile: until now, guitars have been like early cars that had carbureted engines and primitive suspension. Makes and models may look different, but under the hood, they all work the same. Novax guitars are like cars designed with fuel injection and independent 4-wheel suspension: advanced performance and way more fun!

How does the Fanned-Fret system work? By combining scale lengths customized for string tension and harmonic response, instruments with greater “fidelity” are possible. Our technical page has in-depth information about scale length if you’re interested further, but a simplified explanation would be “Imagine six one-string guitars each with a scale length optimized for the pitch and tone of that string. If a chord was formed by striking all of the one string guitars at once, how might that sound compared to one six-string guitar?
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