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Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Release from David Gogo - Soul Bender - Review

Been waiting to listen to this new cd since it was first announced. I've only recently become acquainted with Davids work and really like his sound. This recording is made up of 10 songs, a number of them written by Gogo. The opening track, Please Find My Baby, is an old Elmore James tune and really comes on strong. Track 2, Slow it Down, demonstrates the bands tight feel as they play Texas style but without overplaying the "modern" cliche guitar riffs. The 4th track on the cd, Time Is Killing Me, is nicely a written original and has a haunting quality to both melody and his unique playing. Track 5, a cover of Wilson Pickett's I Found A Love, is nicely handled and shows some tasty soloing. Track 6, the cover of the Doors "Changling" is nicely done but Gogo doesn't take the chance to take it over the top with his soloing. I'm sure this will play out nicely in concert. Track 9, Do You Know How It Feels, another Gogo original is a good strong rocker and will keep you moving. I'm sure it will again play out very nicely in concert. The final track, Whiskey Train, has a nice gritty sound and Gogo does take some time with a little experimental interlude at the end which is pretty nice. I know I'm old but do they still sell cowbells for drummers?

Overall the cd is fairly consistent although I haven't been able to find David's unique signature on this cd so that I would be able to pick his individual playing out anywhere.The cd shows a real solid effort and I'm certain that new and existing fans will not be disappointed.

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