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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Little Wing

Again...I think one of Jimi's best songs!!

Bob Culbertson is an influential Chapman Stick player. An early adopter of the instrument, he is notable for his many recorded albums and extensive touring.

Bob Culbertson has opened and performed with many popular musicians, including Robben Ford, Steve Morse, Allan Holdsworth, and members of Santana amongst others. He has taught hundreds of players and released a set of instructional Stick videos titled Lessons on the Stick.

Culbertson is famous not only for his technique, which allows him to play three to four parts simultaneously (e.g. bass line, chords and melody), but also for his compositional talent. His official discography lists seven albums to his credit. Furthermore, a DVD of Bob Culbertson live (recorded in studio, in front of blue screen) is available. According to his official site, Bob Culbertson has sold over 100,000 albums, most of which sold during live concerts, seminars, and through his website.

Around 2002, Bob Culbertson together with Emmett Chapman and luthier Craig Anderson created the AcouStick, the first acoustical Stick instrument. It is featured on Culbertson's CD AcouStick Dawn and DVD Un Viaje Classico.

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