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Monday, June 3, 2013

Hot Mess - Pam Taylor Band - New Release Review

I just received a copy of the newest release, Hot Mess, from Pam Taylor Band and it's sure to appeal to listeners of the modern style blues. Opening with Smile Again, Taylor establishes herself as a worthy entrant into the rockin' blues arena with solid writing, an appealing voice and a super band. This track, written over a basic Morganfield style base, showcases Taylor's voice as well as hot guitar riffs and Mike Taylor on smokin' sax lead. The title track, Hot Mess, has the heat of SRV on Mary Had a Little Lamb but with all original guitar riffs and a solid sax rippin' on the bridge. It's So Easy takes a quiet jazzy approach to the blues and again finds Mike T. with particularly hot sax on the intro. Continuous unusual guitar riffs catch my ear but of course it's the vocals of Taylor that maintain the spotlight. Whatcha Doin has the swinging strut of the stray cats but with less edge and more sex. The guitar solo on this track has some cool bends and of course there are solid horns throughout. Rusty Gilbreath plays bass, LA Freeman plays drums, Ryan Christ Winters plays keys and guitars are shared between Pam Taylor and Kyle Phillips. Not The Only One, a rock ballad, has a bit of R&B to it and the vocal on this track makes it the most likely to gain wide airplay. Solid melody and hook. All The Same To Me, a country style track with a Stones riff is another track that could easily garner a bit of airplay with catchy lyrics and hot slide guitar. Next Time You Think Of Cheating is a solid 12 bar entry featuring Taylor a bit more laid back and with sultry horn but no laying back on the guitar! This is some hot stuff. On I'd Rather Go Blind, Mike Taylor plays a beautiful intro on sax leading to a very nice rendition of the blues standard. Another scorching guitar solo on this track highlights a very soulful entry. All I Got Left, with a strong melody with a nod to Tampa Red, has a nice subtle sway and clean vocals, sax guitar. This is a solid release from Taylor and one that should win the band a lot of new fans.

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