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Thursday, March 7, 2013

'The Real Thing' Immortalizes Boogie McCain

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Jerry "Boogie" McCain Immortalized in Words 
Jerry McCain by Gregg Roth
photo by Gregg Roth
The Real Thing
The Life and Times of Jerry "Boogie" McCain: The Real Thing by Grover Brown is a tribute to Boogie, who passed last year. Boogie asked Brown to write his life's story, and the two spent many hours with their heads together putting it together. Sadly, Boogie did not live to see the book's publication.

Boogie's niece Mary Elizabeth McCain Wise said, "...As I turned the pages and began to read, the words became "alive" and I could hear Jerry speak to me. There are events of sadness, joyous events of laughter, my family history, dialect of my family, his hobbies and his music and also, his recipes. But, the most touching part to me was sharing his last days and the importance of his friends. Truly this book is the life of Jerry. It is for real! It is the real thing!"

Read more about the book and an excerpt here.

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