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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Revolution Number 9 - New Blues Revolution - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Revolution Number 9, from New Blues Revolution. NBR is Bill Grisolia (vocal and piano), Chap Cooper (guitars), Phil Hardy (drums) with Steve Harris (bass) Stefan Swensson (addl drums) and lee Godden (addl drums). The release opens with Let Me Go, a driving rock track with a touch of Rainbow. Blue Revolution has a bit more funk in the step and a pinch of Prince but retaining the vocals edge as on the first track. Cooper plays a cool airy guitar solo on this track giving it a bit of a jazz feel. The Big House has a more laid back feel with slide guitar, casual story telling vocals and rim shot rhythm. Sway has a real casual blues swing giving Grisolia a chance to relax and sing. Pink 7 has a prog rock fusion kind of sound and I like it pretty well. Cooper plays guitar harmony over Grisolia on keys and light percussion. It has a experimental feel but doesn't travel too far from the path with tandem guitar soloing and solid bottom. This is the strongest track on the release. Whiskytown has the sound of a northwest grunge rock ballad. With only guitar and vocals layered it creates an interesting ambiance. Next Up is Al Green's Take Me To The River. This of course is a great track ... this version of the song more closely resembling the Talking Heads than Al Green but cool just the same. The release is completed with Blueline, a driving boogie track. This is the most conventional blues rock track on the release with a full compliment of vocal, guitar, drums, bass and keys. Cooper plays the riffs with a lot of sting. One of the primarily riffs on this track is similar to one used by one of favorite bands a number of years ago on the song A Ring In His Nose. Overall an enjoyable release with a variety of sounds.

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