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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sunday Wilde Nominated for Independent Music Award

Home Base: Atikokan, Ontario, Canada
Genre: Blues Jazz
Categories Entered: Blues Song
Work Submitted: “That Man Drives Me Mad”
Artists Featured: Ronnie Hayward plays upright gut-stringed double bass (Rockabilly Hall of Fame, Nervous Fellas, Bughouse Five, Herald Nix) and David West (The Papa Duke Band – Ukraine) David plays a custom-made double-sided guitar with nylon strings on one side, and fretless steel on the other.
Label: Unsigned
Influences: Musical influences are my pain and observations of the emotional condition more than any band or artist. But as far as artists go: Big Maybelle Smith, Ruth Brown, Bessie Smith, Nina Simone, Billy Holiday
What’s the meaning of your name? The meaning of Sunday – I wanted to capture the feeling one has when one has a day off to rest, putter, contemplate, or pray (if they feel the need). So many community/family activities happen on a Sunday, which are great. Wilde – Reno Jack, my previous band mate, woke up one morning and said my last name should be Wilde. So I took it on.
Describe your nominated work: That Man of Mine Drives me mad: Every woman who has ever been in love, and has had the man drive them crazy, moans, sighs, and talks to their mother about it. I wanted to sum up the emotions that a woman would go through with loving someone that drove them crazy: anger, intensity, erotic, etc. I feel that many women can relate to the song, and as I’ve discovered, many men love the song too.

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