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I started a quest to find terrific blues music and incredible musicianship when I was just a little kid. I also have a tremendous appreciation of fine musical instruments and equipment. One of my greatest joys all of my life was sharing my finds with my friends. I'm now publishing my journey. I hope that you come along!

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Friday, March 23, 2012

FPR News March 2012

FPR News
In This Issue
2012 Workshop Updates
Wanee Update
Welcome Back Pete!
Spotlight On: Laurence Juber and Country Joe McDonald
Hurlbut releases The Maui Tapes

Electric Hot Tuna takes the Mushroom Stage Thursday night at the Wanee Festival. The Fur Peace Ranch will be there too for some workshops and a Q&A with Warren Haynes! In May Jorma plays the Nelsonville Music Festival a short piece from home. He then heads off to Italy for some festival dates, some of which include David Bromberg.

04/19 Electric Hot Tuna

Wanee Music Festival

Live Oak, FL

Mushroom Stage 7-9PM

05/20 Jorma Kaukonen
Nelsonville Music
Nelsonville, OH

05/23 Jorma Kaukonen
Panc Jazz Club
Marostica, Italy
Also David Bromberg

05/24 Jorma Kaukonen
Folk Club
Torino, Italy

05/25 Jorma Kaukonen
Acoustic Guitar Festival
Fortezza Firmafede
Sarzana, Italy
Also David Bromberg

05/27 Jorma Kaukonen
Auditorium Modernissimo
Nembro, Italy

In the later half of June, Electric Hot Tuna embarks on a tour along the Mid-Atlantic along with Steve Kimock.

Fur Peace Station Upcoming Performances

March 31, 2012
Geoff Achison & Randall Bramblett
Geoff Achison & Randall Bramblett Band
Buy Tickets

April 14, 2012
Teresa Williams and Larry Campbell
Teresa Williams and Larry Campbell!

Last year's show was a barn burner. Don't miss it this time around!
Buy Tickets
FPR Workshops

March 30 - April 2, 2012

Jorma Kaukonen: Acoustic Guitar: Movin' On Down The Road: Level 3

For players with a well honed thumb, and fingerstyle experience, Jorma will employ his effective teaching technique of presenting his songs by breaking them down into comprehensible parts. He will demonstrate the variety of licks, runs and embellishments that provide style and nuance, and also represent a vocabulary of tools that may be used in various keys. This is an excellent repertoire- building workshop, and will encourage skills that can also be applied to original music, improvisation and arranging.
1 Space Available!

Geoff Achison: Electric Guitar: Electric Blues

Level: 1/2
Tap into your Soul! Geoff Achison shows how to get the most out of your instrument. From basic blues chords and simple scales you'll discover how monster music can be made. Flat-pick & fingerstyle, dynamic rhythm and lead techniques are covered as well as some hot jamming tips.

Pete Huttlinger
Pete Huttlinger: Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar
Level 2/3

Pete brings plenty of material for his class to learn but has oft been known to stay up late into the night in his cabin, candle burning, (Figuratively only. No fires in cabins please) sipping his water and eating a very fine camp cookie, writing new arrangements for the class or for individuals. It's a class experience with plenty of one-on-one instruction. Bring your guitars. Bring your enthusiasm. Pete provides the rest.


APRIL 13-16, 2012

Jorma Kaukonen

Jorma Kaukonen w/ Marjorie Thompson: Keys to the Highway

Level 2

This workshop explores essential fingerstyle fundamentals using Jorma's repertoire as a vehicle. We will emphasize alternating bass, and melody lines that break out of pattern picking. Examples of some songs covered in recent classes include Keep on Truckin; Nine Pound Hammer; Search My Heart; I Know You Rider. Teaching assistant Marjorie Thompson will support this instruction with the individual mini- tutorials in class, after class review sessions, and class notes assembled and sent to each participant in the weeks following as a "Jorma pack" for continued study.


Happy Traum

Happy Traum: Blues and Country Fingerpicking 101: Conquering the Challenge of the Steady Thumb. Level 1/2

This class is open to any players, from near-beginners to experienced guitarists, who want to unravel the mysteries of the steady-bass thumb-and-finger styles used by blues and country pickers as well as by innumerable folk singer/songwriters. A wide range of songs and styles will be taught, along with exercises and pointers to improve your playing skills. Class prerequisite: Ability to play and change chords smoothly in the basic positions.


Larry Campbell

Larry Campbell

Fingerstyle Guitar

Level 3


Live From Fur Peace Ranch

Live From Fur Peace Ranch

Broadcast Dates and Performers:

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New Releases

Hot Tuna iTunes

New to iTunes this month:

2003-11-21 The Strand Theater, Lakewood, NJ

From the 2nd night of the 2003 Fall Tour. Openning with Nobody Knows You When You're Down & Out, continued by a classic filled set featuring great versions of Good Shepherd and Flying Clouds to the closer That'll Never
Happen No More.

2003-02-13 Barrelhouse Brewing Company, Cincinnati, OH

A Duo Show featuring Jorma and Barry Mitterhoff playing tunes throughout the Jorma catalog featuring new tunes such as "Tom Cat Blues", "Big River Blues" as well as tunes from Quah "Genesis" "I'll Let You Know Before I Leave" "Another Man Done Gone" and many more
Jorma favorites.

Jorma's iTunes directory

Hot Tuna's iTunes directory

March Birthdays

  • Mary Gauthier
  • Alvin Youngblood Hart
  • David Lindley
  • Phil Lesh
  • Paul Kantner

And a very special Happy Birthday to our very own Vanessa Kaukonen!

Happy Birthday Everyone!

FPR News
March 2012

15 Years of Fur Peace!

John Anytime you get a room full of like minded folks together...and there's a good band (or two) on stage....well, it is going to be a good time! A good time was had by all this past weekend at the opening of our 15th season. WOW...15 years! I have to shake my head when I think about how we got here.

The preparation it took to get our dream on paper and then to build it took several years, but once it started there was no turning back. Starting a new business is quite an undertaking and at that time no one had built what we were attempting to create. Business savvy aside, it takes courage and faith to see a dream become reality. We crawled our way through the first year and the word spread...that what Jorma had built in the hills of Ohio was beyond cool. Cool indeed! As I stood back 15 years later and watched as my old friend John Hurlbut opened the show for Hot Tuna I was beyond proud; proud of the work we do, proud of my staff, proud of John for putting out his first CD and promoting it on our stage (to a sold out crowd) and proud to be a part of this exceptional community.

I'd be lying if I said this is where the dream ends. I have more plans for the Fur Peace Ranch that I believe are going to be just as significant as the school and the concert hall. Like 15 years ago...I am in the preparation stage and breaking ground so to speak . More will definitely be revealed this year. I love, love, love what I do and I cannot wait to share it all with you........

If we haven't seen you in awhile, stop by for a visit....take a class or come to one of our great shows. But don't wait...things are filling up because we have become someone else's dream to fulfill.


Focus on the things you love...listen with your heart...and the music will speak for itself......


2012 Workshop Updates
Sign-Up Today!

Our 2012 Workshops are filling up with a recent flood of applications coming in during the past two weeks. Many of our workshops are reaching limited capacity . . . so here is a run down of those classes nearing sell out status:

These classes now have limited seats available:
04/13/2012 Happy Traum - Acoustic: Beginning Fingerstyle

08/10/2012 Jorma Kaukonen - Acoustic; Advanced
08/10/2012 The Persuasions - A Cappella; All levels

08/24/2012 Jorma Kaukonen - Acoustic; Intermediate
08/24/2012 Woody Mann - Acoustic; Advanced

09/07/2012 Jorma Kaukonen - Acoustic; Advanced

10/26/2012 Jorma Kaukonen - Acoustic; Intermediate

11/09/2012 Jorma Kaukonen - Acoustic; Professional
11/09/2012 Bill Kirchen - Electric: Intermediate

If your on the fence for any of the above classes . . . better hurry up!

Enroll Today!

APRIL 19-21, 2012
LIVE OAK, FL Wanee Festival

Fur Peace Ranch will be going On-The-Road to the Wanee Festival in Live Oak, FL April 19-21, 2012 to host a special series of workshops and a Q & A session with Warren Haynes. If you haven't seen the line-up of this year's performers here's a quick run down: Hot Tuna Electric, Tedeschi-Trucks Band, Bruce Hornsby, Mickey Hart, Buddy Guy, Leftover Salmon, Ray Manzarek and Roy Rogers Band, Gov't Mule, and two nights of Furthur and The Allman Brothers Band. A full listing can be found here.
Friday, April 20
01:00 - 02:00 PM
Jorma and Jack Double Dose: Guitar and Bass Workshop
02:30 - 03:30 PM
Q&A with Warren Haynes hosted by Jorma Kaukonen
04:30 - 05:30 PM
Planet Earth Drum with Mickey Hart - Percussion Workshop
Saturday, April 21
10:00 - 11:30 AM
Wake Up with Oteil Burbridge Bass Workshop

Pete Huttlinger Returns to Fur Peace!

As many of you are aware, Pete Huttlinger had to cancel his Pete Huttlingerworkshops with us last year, as well as his touring schedule, due to a major health problem. We are pleased to announce that Pete is back on his feet again, and even training to walk a half-marathon!

We are also pleased and excited to see that Pete's class reached it's capacity after just being listed for a little over a month!

Way to go Pete!

Welcome Back!

Spotlight On: Laurence Juber and Country Joe McDonald

Laurence Juber: Maybe You'll Be Amazed Too!
Laurence Juber

We are happy to have Laurence Juber (LJ) returning to the Fur Peace this year. Last year was LJ's first trip to the Ranch and he taught to a FULL class. He still has some room in his class this year, April 27 - 30, and if Fingerstyle Guitar is something you've been wanting to increase your skill at........this may be the class for you.

Laurence Juber is a master of acoustic fingerstyle guitar and his style seamlessly blends folk, jazz and pop styles. When you read a review of an LJ concert or CD you regularly hear listeners comment that it sounded like there were several guitars playing. There is a real beauty in how LJ plays.....he is technically brilliant while at the same time melodically accessible.

LJ began playing guitar the week that "I Want To Hold Your Hand" was released by the Beatles. At the age of 13 he was already earning money playing guitar. He set his sights on being a session guitarist and earned a music degree from London University. After graduating he began to ply his trade as a session guitarist. Interestingly enough, his first project was working with the great George Martin, the fabled Beatles' producer. LJ left a successful and lucrative studio career when he was invited by Paul McCartney to join him and his band, Wings. LJ served as Wing's lead guitarist from 1978 till 1981. He played on McCartney's "Back to the Egg" release and received his first of two GRAMMY-wins for BEST ROCK INSTRUMENTAL for the song "Rockestra Theme" from the same release.

When Wings disbanded LJ moved to the United States and resumed his work as a studio musician. He has released 20 acclaimed solo albums and also played guitar on numerous TV shows, including Happy Days and Family Ties. Laurence also worked on movie soundtracks, most famously playing the James Bond Theme for the movie "The Spy Who Loved Me". His second release in 1990, Solo Flight, and others that followed through the decade established him as a master fingerstyle guitarist.

LJ was voted "Guitarist of the Year" by FINGERSTYLE MAGAZINE. He was also listed as one of the top acoustic guiratist of all time by ACOUSTIC GUITAR MAGAZINE. Laurence gave a nod to his former band leader Sir Paul McCartney with his release in 2000, LJ Plays the Beatles. Ten years later he once again played tribute to his early and profound influence with the release of LJ Plays the Beatles, Vol. 2.

Laurence is a master guiarist and composer, however, do not feel intimitated by this. He has a relaxed approach to his teaching and is adept at adjusting his lesson to your personal needs. He was Paul McCartney's pick when he needed a great guitar player and you can make him your choice for a great teacher as well.


Country Joe McDonald: From Haight-Ashbury to Woodstock to the Fur Peace Ranch....

Country Joe McDonald "Country" Joe McDonald returns to the Fur Peace Ranch on June 15th to teach a weekend workshop on "Songwriting" and to also perform his tribute to Woody Guthrie on June 16th at the Fur Peace Station Concert Hall. Joe last taught at the Fur Peace a decade ago. One of my go to guys......a 20 + Repeat Offender......Kyle Siegrist.....called it "his favorite class", adding, "He really worked us."

"Country" Joe was a west-coast kid, although born in Washington, DC in 1942, he grew up around Los Angeles. In the early 1960's he moved up to Berkeley. It was here in Berkeley where Joe became involved in the Free Speech Movement, Civil Rights and the Anti-War Movement. Country Joe and the Fish were formed in 1965 as a vehicle to grow these ideas and entertain the movements' participants at marches and rallies.

Country Joe & the Fish worked regularly in the San Francisco area in 1965, the mecca of the west-coast psychedelic music scene. The band was a regular at the famous SF ballrooms - The Avalon and Fillmore Auditorium. Their first record, ELECTRIC MUSIC FOR THE MIND AND BODY, was released on Vanguard Records in 1967. Their follow-up record, I FEEL LIKE I'M FIXIN TO DIE, came out later in the same year and stayed at #32 on the Billboard charts for about two years. The band was gaining popularity and toured the "ballroom" circuit as well as college campuses across America. They played the Monterey Pop Festival later that year. By 1968 when they released their third album they were touring the world successfully.

Joe's appearance at the Woodstock Festival in 1969 became a milestone that would forever change Joe's career and the direction of his music. It was at Woodstock that Joe immortalized the famous FISH cheer.....changing a few letters to spell a word that spoke to the age's defiance of the establishment. With the release of the Woodstock movie in 1970, the song became an anthem.

Joe was also signed to Vanguard as a solo artist and went to Nashville in 1969 to make a record of Woody Guthrie songs and country standards. The beginning of 1970 saw Joe take a step away from working with the Fish and establishing himself as a solo performer. With just his guitar and songs he played countless festivals throughout Europe to an overwhelming response. After living in Europe he returned to the US in 1975 and signed with Fantasy Records. His first release for the new label, PARADISE WITH AN OCEAN VIEW, was released in 1975 and it is Joe's best-selling and most highly acclaimed release. After a stint with Fantasy, Joe decided to form his own label, "Rag Baby", and continued to release his music under this label.

In 1982 Joe began working with the Vietnam Veterans of America and Veterans Against The War. Aside from his involvement with the anti-war movement, Joe was also involved in other issues of the times....the plight of the whales and other ecological issues, woman's rights, human rights, animal rights and social issues.

Joe has been the songwriter of a generation and his songs tell the tales of the times as well. Whether Joe is writing an anti-war song or a song on Florence Nightingale (a subject he is a scholar on) he has always put the words to the song. He is able to use history and wit in equal measure in his art of SONGWRITING, and his discography is like a library and his songs are chapters.

Joe continues to write and record having issued, on average, a record every 1.25 years since 1970. In 2007 Joe perfected his Tribute to Woody Guthrie - "This Land is Your Land" - a mixture of music and spoken word. In many ways Joe is just like Woody was for his generation, a troubadour, a songwriter, and a man keenly aware of the issues of the day and able to write about them. We are so pleased to be able to offer a class with Country Joe McDonald and would

encourage anyone with an interest in SONGWRITING to sign up for this unique learning opportunity. You will benefit from Joe's 45 + year career as a Songwriter / Musician with a very wry sense of humor and an ability to turn any topic into a song.


John "The Hurl" Hurlbut - The Maui Tapes
John Hurlbut: The Maui Tapes
Many of you who have been to the Ranch know that John does play and often performs a song or two during our student performances, usually with one of the students. For those of you who haven't been here, and those of you that have, now you can take The Hurl home with you.

John stayed behind on Maui for a week's vacation after our workshops there in January at a friend's guest house. While there he felt inspired, wrote a new song, Someone's Calling, and decided to record his originals along with some of his long-time favorites.

The recordings are all acoustic and feature some fine lead guitar playing by John's host Mark Lee. Featured are three of John's originals, the new Someone's Calling, A Day in the Country, and of course A Little Faster, which many of you may already know from Hot Tuna's Steady As She Goes release. There is also a Remix version of Someone's Calling which is da Chill!

Order your copy today before they're gone!

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tickets for Bill's 81st Birthday Bash featuring Hot Tuna(electric) and David Bromberg Saturday January 7th, 2012

"For three decades Bill Graham ruled live Rock & Roll. It wasn't simply that he was on a first name basis with just about every important rock star, he was one of the few people in the music business who could hold his own with any of them and who, in his own right, was their equal. Graham didn't simply stage thousands of rock concerts, that was business as usual for his skilled organization. He really earned his reputation by putting together extraordinary benefits and rock events on almost a yearly basis.

For thirty years, Graham never stopped raising money for dozens of causes, ranging from AIDS research to the Haight Ashbury Free Medical Clinic, Amnesty International to the San Francisco Mime Troupe. Graham never seemed happier than when he was harnessing the tremendous power of rock & roll for the good of a cause. He truly seemed to delight in bringing together the biggest names in pop music to help make the world a better place, while at the same time making himself just a little bit more legendary."— Michael Goldberg, Rolling Stone, December,1991

Hard to believe that the first time I heard this song was played by Jorma but that's how middle class kids learn about the blues. That first Hot Tuna album is a killer. If you don't have it...get it... and if you don't have Rev Gary Davis...shame on you!!

I know you all know that Jorma is a terrific player and still tours as Hot Tuna and runs a great guitar camp called Fur Peace Ranch. They put on a great venue if you can make it!
Write on our Facebook Wall or post your Photos of great blues events! - Here