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I started a quest to find terrific blues music and incredible musicianship when I was just a little kid. I also have a tremendous appreciation of fine musical instruments and equipment. One of my greatest joys all of my life was sharing my finds with my friends. I'm now publishing my journey. I hope that you come along!

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Monday, June 8, 2015

Delta Groove music artist: Rick Vito - Mojo On My Side - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Mojo On My Side, by Rick Vito and I think it's his best work to date. Opening with title track, Mojo On My Side, a warm swampy track with strong rhythm, cool slide, reverb and a handful of voodoo, this track is a great opener. Backed by Charles Mojo Johnson and Rick Reed on drums Vito on vocal and guitar is really nailing it! Sauntering, Easy baby, has a great feel joined by Jim Hoke on sax. Vito has a smooth voice and extremely effective slide style making this one of my favorite tracks on the release. Rocker Pretty Women, really moves fielding Hoke and Vito both showing just how warm an instrument can sound. Nice! R&B style My House has a great strut enhanced by Dan Serafini on B3. Nito's vocals are strong and clear and his slide work is cool. This is a great radio track for broad audience. Missy Brown has a lower key delta rhythm and acoustic slide work with an almost East Indian twist. Mesmerizing. Life Was Just A Struggle has the feel of a 50's R&B track with New Orleans influence. Vito really does a super job on vocals on this track and his slide guitar is always jolly on the spot with sweet melodic riffs. Femme Fatale is a rockin twist on the Booker T sound with Vito's guitar at the wheel. Very cool! Who Were You Thinking Of?, loosely based musically on SBW's Help Me with a bayou swell. Vito gives his slide the license to talk on this release and is is talking. Smooth! House Party is a real rocker with lead slide work on fire. This track almost sounds like it should be in a 60's movie (except it's well done). Slide guitar fans should be more than satisfied with the overall amount of guitar on this release. Super! Let A Woman Be A Woman gets so funky you can smell James Brown getting ready to thrown off his cape! Heavily reinforced by Mojo on sax, Vito's bass playing and the tight groove laid down by Reed... this track just needs some "Hot Pants". She's Got It All is a slinky shuffle with tandem slide and sax lead. Vito breaks loose and plays great lead work that makes me think of the great Danny Gatton. Very cool! Help Me Lord is an excellent delta style track with John Lee Hooker style riffs and Vito doing a great authentic take off on the real deal. Excellent! You Can Run has a revival/gospel feel with a great uplifting sound. I can see Vito on slide jamming with Robert Randolph on the next cruise. Wrapping the release is River of Blues with Vito doing a pretty amazing job of sitar sound on fretless guitar (I think). With a primitive Mali kind of beat this is a great tribute to Vito's talent as a musician and expansive listener. This is really a pretty hot release and one that I think should be exceptionally well received.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Delta Groove Music artist: The Henry Gray / Bob Corritore Sessions - Blues Won't Let MeTake My Rest - New Release review

I just received the newest release, Blues Won't Let Me take My Rest from Henry Gray and Bob Corritore. Featuring 10 previously unreleased out of 14 included tracks, this release features not only Gray and Corritore, but many other of the greats in recent blues history. Opening with Let's Get High, a great piano shuffle with Gray on lead vocal backed by Willie "Big Eyes" Smith on backing vocal and drums and Corritore on harp, this is a great opener. Gray's vocals on Blues Won't Let Me Take My Rest are a stark contrast to Clapton but this is real and Gray's piano with Corritore on shielded harp, Bob Margolin and Johnny Rapp on guitar and Chico Chism on drums, this sounds a lot like Muddy's band. New Orleans flavored boogie, I'm In Love Again features a cool harp riff by Corritore and hot guitar riffs by Rapp. Robert Jr Lockwood is featured on vocal and guitar on Robert Johnson's Ramblin' On My Mind, one of my favorite tracks on the release. Big Maceo's Worried Life Blues, feature Nappy Brown on lead vocal but Gray's piano work is solid and unmistakable. Gray is in top form on vocal on They Raided The Joint, joined by Kid Ramos on guitar, Corritore on harp, Paul Thomas on bass and Chism on drums. Very cool! Dave Riley takes the lead vocal spot on Ride With Your Daddy Tonight joined by Chris James on guitar, Yahni Yiley on bass and Eddie Kobek on drums. Corritore and Gray both do really nice jobs on this track making it one of the strongest instrumental tracks on the release. Lowell Fulsom's Trouble Blues, has a great feel with Rapp laying down some real nice slide over Gray's killer piano and vocal work. Excellent! Shuffle track, I'm Gonna Miss You, keeps Gray up front on piano and vocal. With extended harp work from Corritore, Steve Cushing on drum and, Paul Thomas on bass this track, Rapp steps up again with some pretty cool riffs on guitar. John Brim's That Ain't Right features Brim himself on the mic backed by Troy Sandow on bass and Big John Atkinson on drums. Corritore keeps up the heat but this track really shows how nicely Gray can hit the groove on piano. Ernest Lawler's Can't Afford To Do It has Gray back on lead vocal backed by Little Frank, Danny Michael and Big John on guitar, Sandow on bass and Brian Fahey on drums. One of the hottest tracks on the release is Boogie Woogie Ball, really giving Gray the open door to rock it and he really does. Corritore has strong continuity on harp throughout the track, Kirk Fletcher it tight on the beat with hot riffs backed by Patrick Rynn on bass and Brian Fahey on drums. Very cool! On laid back Honey Don't Let Me Go, Gray has the full focus with lead vocal and piano. Backed by Rapp on guitar, Thomas on bass and Cushing on drums, Corritore steps in for a nice harp solo balancing out the track nicely. Wrapping the release is BB King's She Don't Move Me No More featuring Gray on beautiful piano and lead vocal. I especially like Corritore's riffs on this track as well as Rapps tight guitar solos. Paul Thomas on bass and Chico Chism on drums round out the line up.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Brand new album from Sugaray Rayford

Delta Groove Promotions and Nimoy Sue Records presents "Southside" the brand new album by Mannish Boys' singing sensation, Sugaray Rayford.

This is Sugaray Rayford’s third CD release. His 1st release, Blind Alley (2010), was independently released. His 2nd release, Dangerous (2013), was under Delta Groove Music Inc. Dangerous was #8 on Living Blues Top 50 Albums of 2013.
Sugaray was just nominated for BB King Entertainer of the Year and Traditional Male Vocalist for the 2015 Blues Music Awards. He is also lead vocalist for The Mannish Boys who were also nominated for 3 awards.

Upcoming Tour dates:

June 12 - The Birk Birkenfeld, OR
June 13 - Highway 99 Seattle, WA
June 14 - Shuga Jazz Bistro Seattle, WA
June 16 - Poor House Bistro San Jose, CA
June 18 - Biscuits & Blues San Francisco, CA
June 19 - Biscuits & Blues San Francisco, CA
June 21 - Malarkey's Long Beach, CA
June 22 - Sugar Mill Tarzana, CA
June 27 - Rhythm Room Phoenix, AZ
"Not many singers can take us from the delta to the modern chitlin' circuit as easily as he does. A big man with a big voice and plenty of personality…"
—Jazz & Blues Report
"Whether it's rompin' Chicago blues, Memphis Stax-powered soul, scorching Texas blues or New Orleans-tinged jazz, Sugaray fields whatever's his way with confident versatility."
—Colorado Blues Society
"Sugaray Rayford is a revelation as he powerfully moans the blues…"
—Blues in Britain Magazine

The new album is available to purchase at and

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Randy Chortkoff has passed. My thoughts are with his family.

Randy Chortkoff, founder, president and CEO of Delta Groove Productions, passed away today at 8:40am in Los Angeles at the age of 65.
A highly successful entrepreneur outside of the music business, Chortkoff simultaneously followed his true passion as a music producer, performer, and promoter for two decades before founding Delta Groove Productions almost 15 years ago. Delta Groove was his labor of love, a culmination of a lifelong devotion to traditional blues and roots music. Through his vision and leadership, the company quickly rose to its current position as an industry leader, encompassing Delta Groove Records, Eclecto-Groove Records, No Respect Records, Festivals Exclusive Booking Agency, independent artist and event promotions and management, and more.
Ever the astute businessman, in recent months Randy oversaw the planning and arrangements for Delta Groove Productions and its affiliates to continue to flourish and carry his passion onward after his passing, under the leadership of longtime associates Jeff Fleenor and Tammie Barnum, and the rest of the talented and devoted Delta Groove team.
Randy leaves behind children Jessica, Taylor and Joshua, an extended family of Delta Groove musicians whose lives he touched, and a worldwide network of music lovers who both shared and benefited from his passion for music.

Randy was also was the leader of top blues band The Mannish Boys.

Few blues acts have perfected the tricky maneuver of honoring the storied history of the Blues, while at the same time keeping the music up-to-date, as well as Delta Groove’s The Mannish Boys. It’s a balancing act that they’ve honed over the course of six highly-acclaimed CD releases and countless nights gigging on concert stages around the world. Conceived as an all-star showcase for the cream of the west coast blues crop, The Mannish Boys have stayed true to that vision. They’ve continually evolved through the years, seeking out and spotlighting the talents of true Blues legends in a setting that stays true to the deep roots of genre, providing them with the support required to excite today’s blues audiences.
Their newest release on Delta Groove marks a number of firsts for The Mannish Boys. “Double Dynamite”, as the title suggests, serves up a double dose of The Mannish Boys on a two CD set, allowing them to really stretch out and feature more special guests and sounds than on any of their previous releases. Especially notable is new featured vocalist Sugaray Rayford, a soulful, gospel-inflected singer, originally from Texas, who has been little known outside of his current home base in Southern California until now. Also along for the ride this time, and adding variety and depth in the vocal department, are veterans James “Icepick” Harman, Mike Finnigan (who in the ‘60s played keyboards on Jimi Hendrix’s “Electric Ladyland” LP, among many other accomplishments in his long career), and Jackie Payne, plus long-time Mannish Boys frontman Finis Tasby. The band’s regular guitarists Kirk Fletcher and Frank Goldwasser also take turns in front of the vocal mic, as does The Mannish Boys harp playing honcho Randy Chortkoff. And as a special treat this time out, Mud Morganfield, oldest son of the undisputed king of Chicago blues, Muddy Waters, also contributes as a guest vocalist, bringing a south side Chicago blues unrivaled by any living vocalist. Other special guests on this amazing release include harmonica aces Rod Piazza, Jason Ricci and Bob Corritore, and guitarists Elvin Bishop, Junior Watson, Nathan James, and Kid Ramos, all backed by the hard-swinging rhythm section of Jimi Bott and Willie J. Campbell, plus an array of other very special musicians.

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

NimoySue Records artist: Sugaray Rayford - Southside - New release review

I just received the newest release (May 19, 2015), Southside, from Sugaray Rayford and it's got a great groove! Opening with Southside Of Town, Ralph Carter develops a great walking bass line stage for Rayfords solid vocals. Backed by Allan Walker on sax and Gary Bivona on trumpet as well as Jade Bennett, Zara Davis and Rachele Quiogue on vocals, Leo Dombecki lays out a nice keyboard solo and Gino Matteo rips on guitar continuing under the vocals throughout the track. Very nice! Slinky funk track, Miss Thang, again is heavily reliant on the bottom provided by Carter as well as Lavell Jones on drums. Rayford adds girth with his beefy vocals and Matteo rides the funky wave with tight guitar riffs. High stepping, Live To Love Again, really gets you moving and with horn and guitar punctuation is a clear radio play hit. Matteo lays out a crisp guitar solo and Walker and Bivona add warmth. Excellent! On shuffle track, Texas Bluesman, Matteo really take a nice guitar solo. Rayford chides him on with names of some of the all time greats as he builds a frenzy. Take It To The Bank is a simple acoustic blues track with only acoustic guitar, Rayford on vocal and Bob Corritore laying down some sweet harp riffs. Smooth R&B track Call Off The Mission, has a real cool sway as Rayford masterfully crafts his melody. I particularly like Jones sense of rhythm dynamics on this track punched by Bivona and Walker on horns. Bennett, Davis and Quiogue really ad a nice warmth to this track. Very nice! All I Think About is another high stepper with solid sax bottom. A swaying bridge by the horns give the track and rounder feel and a Billy Preston like keyboard solo adds some funk to the mix. Slow bluesy ballad, Take Away These Blues, gives Rayford a chance to really stand his ground and air out his pipes. Cool reverb on the guitar and horns on the top help to balance this special track on the release. Wrapping the release is Slow Motion, a classic soul style track and a real gripper. Matteo holds it down with atmospheric guitar effects and the horns creating tension. This is a really solid conclusion to a soulful new release from Sugaray.

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Monday, February 16, 2015

New Releases! Igor Prado Band and My Own Holiday

Available February 17th!

Pre-Order Now!

Visit our online store or call 818-907-1600

Igor Prado Band - Way Down South Click here

Kim Wilson - Sugaray Rayford
Rod & Honey Piazza
Mud Morganfield - Lynwood Slim
Mitch Kashmar - Junior Watson
and more!
“Keeping the Blues Alive” is the ubiquitous mantra that’s become the battle cry of the modern-day blues community. To those unaccustomed with this tenet, the phrase can often imply that this enduring, beautiful and quintessential American music is hastily approaching its twilight years. One merely has to cast an eye southward, towards the Equator in São Paulo, Brazil, to find evidence that the blues is still a vital and thriving form of soulful communication, courtesy of the strikingly talented and notably youthful quartet, the Igor Prado Band.
At 11-years old, Igor Prado fell in love with the guitar. Completely self-taught, this promising lefty learned to play a right-handed guitar upside down. Together with his brother Yuri Prado on drums, these two siblings embarked on a remarkable 15-year journey beginning in 2000, which encompasses numerous recording and production credits, in addition to sharing stages with many of the idioms most revered veterans. Bolstered by the auspicious talents of bassist Rodrigo Mantovani and saxophonist Denilson Martins, the Igor Prado Band eventually came to the attention of the well-traveled and finely-tuned ear of American blues harmonica player and vocalist, Lynwood Slim. A lifetime bond forged out of mutual respect and admiration was formed, culminating in the expertly crafted and highly acclaimed 2010 release, Brazilian Kicks on Delta Groove.
Today, the Igor Prado Band has become one of the most popular and in demand blues outfits for any artist seeking mature and authoritative, yet sympathetic backing support in South America. Way Down South represents the very best of these frequent collaborations with recording sessions gleaned from south of the border and spanning 2011-2014. Here Igor and the boys are joined by a myriad of talent assembled from the Delta Groove roster and beyond including Kim Wilson, Sugaray Rayford, Mud Morganfield, Mitch Kashmar, Rod and Honey Piazza, Junior Watson, Monster Mike Welch, Wallace Coleman, Omar Coleman, JJ Jackson, Randy Chortkoff and Raphael Wressnig. Of special note are two songs featuring the late, great Lynwood Slim performing memorable renditions of Lowell Fulson’s Baby Won’t You Jump with Me and Paul Gayten’s You Better Believe It.
Although it may be a long way from São Paulo to America, the passion and dedication found within the grooves of these recordings will most certainly make the distance between these two locales feel that much closer. Way Down South dispenses any notion that the blues is not only alive, but doing quite well indeed, thanks in large part to this incredible Brazilian ensemble.

My Own Holiday - Reason to Bleed Click here

Don’t think of My Own Holiday as a blues/rock band, even though the duo of Joey Chrisman and Nick Bartolo claim that as a fair description. Don’t think of them as a White Stripes / Black Keys homage, even though their stripped-down, just-guitar-and-drums instrumentation might lead you to lump them into that category. And don’t think of My Own Holiday as this year’s flavor or a flash in the pan – they’re in it for the long haul.
My Own Holiday hails from Lake Arrowhead, CA, an inland resort community far enough away from the superficial glitz and glamour of Los Angeles to have allowed the band to create their own unique sound unpressured by any of the trendy bandwagon jumping that is de rigueur in the showbiz mecca. Vocalist/guitarist Chrisman has been writing original songs since he was in sixth grade, and over the years has honed his craft to create an original voice that incorporates influences from classic rock, post-punk, pure pop, and Dylan-esque folk among others, often infused with a darkness and danger that belies the relatively bucolic surroundings of his upbringing. Drummer Bartolo meshes perfectly with Chrisman’s vision, laying down a rhythmic drive that is both in-the-pocket and dramatic enough to push the music into previously uncharted territory.
Their self-described “broken-down” approach to their music emphasizes the propulsive drive and relentless groove at the core of their sound, while at the same time putting the focus on the songwriting. The band’s minimalist approach leaves little opportunity to hide flimsy material behind instrumental gymnastics and gimmickry – without great original songs, little else matters. And My Own Holiday has the ‘great originals’ category sewn up, with songs strikingly evocative of love, loss, hope, longing, sin and redemption – often in a single tune.
My Own Holiday distills a large portion of the best that rock music has had to offer over the last half century into a compelling sound that is all their own. You could spend a lot of time picking out all the various influences, but in the end, it would be a pointless exercise, because My Own Holiday doesn’t really sound like anyone else. They’re an original band, with an original vision, and the only way to really ‘get’ them is to listen. That is most decidedly NOT a pointless exercise – in fact, it’s almost guaranteed to pay dividends.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Delta Groove Music artist: Igor Prado Band - Way Down South - New Release Review

I just received the newest release (February 17, 2015), Way Down South, from Igor Prado Band and Delta Groove All Stars and it's smokin! Opening with Ike Turner's, Matchbox, Sugaray Rayford leads the way on vocal and Prado really romps the guitar. A heavy slung blues, Prado throws stiff riffs and wild trem work making this a terrific opener! John Hunter's, Ride With Me Baby has an easy rock beat with deep blues roots. Kim Wilson has the lead on vocal and Prado shows his fleet fingered guitar work. Yuri Prado on drums and Rodrigo Mantovani on bass keep it tight. Muddy Water's She's Got It, featuring Mud Morganfield on lead vocal sounds like it's right out of 60's Chicago with Ivan Marcio on harp and Donny Nichilo doing a great Otis Spann. Morganfield, Marcio, Nichilo and Prado really do capture Muddy's band sound with a lot of authenticity. Very cool! Lowell Fulsom's Baby Won't You Jump With Me features Ari Borger on piano and Lynwood Slim on vocal with cool jazzy guitar work from Prado and Junior Watson and tight sax work from Denilson Martins. James Lane's, What Have I Done, has a smooth groove led by Mitch Kashmar on vocal and harp. Kashmar really takes a nice romp on his solo as does Ari Borger on piano and Prado shows again that he's got great guitar chops. Jr. Walker and the Allstars' Shake & Fingerpop keep all of the R&B groove of the original with super stinging guitar riffs and lead vocals from Prado, a super bass run by Mantovani. Raphael Wressnig does a super job on B3. On Elmore James' Talk To Me Baby, Rod Piazza takes the mic for lead vocal and harp. Honey Piazza joins in on piano with Prado on lead guitar super charging this track. Excellent! Jerry West's If You Ever Need Me, keeps the original feel of the 60's R&B lead by Kim Wilson on vocal and harp. Very Nice! Joe Tex's You Got What It Takes has a nice twist on the original with Prado and JJ Jackson sharing the vocal lead. Keeping the guitar work tame on this number, Prado's finesse on the fretboard isn't hindered with quiet but cool riffs. Sugaray Rayford's Big Mama Blues has the girth of a Muddy Waters track with Prado and Monster Mike Welch doing the guitar Muddy style. Rayford leading the vocal charge and Borger tickling the keys, this track is right off the Chicago stage. Sweet! Paul Gayten's R&B swing tune You Better Believe It, led by Lynwood Slim on vocal and chased by Borger on piano and Martins on sax make this one really hot number. Prado jumps up and stiff arms the crowd with a flaming guitar solo keeping with the pace of the release. On Jerry West's, Rooster Blues, Wallace Coleman takes the vocal and harp lead and gets right into the Chicago groove. Yuri Prado (drums) keeps this track on a tight leash and Borger lays down a great piano solo. Prado really lets it out on this track proving once again that he can hold his own with just about anyone on the blues circuit. Excellent! Wrapping the release is Omar Coleman's Trying To Do Right with Coleman on vocal and harp. Prado takes the acoustic guitar and shows how powerful the simple instrument can be in the right hands. This is a powerful acoustic track and a great conclusion to a terrific release!

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Delta Groove welcomes Tony Braunagel

Delta Groove welcomes
Tony Braunagel

Delta Groove welcomes Tony Braunagel to our prestigious team of industry professionals who make themselves available on our DELTA GROOVE SERVICES PAGE. Tony will be available along with Randy Chortkoff to service musicians and bands involved with Delta Groove Music and Eclecto Groove Records on a selective basis.  We are proud to welcome Tony Braunagel aboard.

Tony Braunagel Bio

Raised on a healthy diet of rhythm and blues, drummer Tony Braunagel began playing around his hometown of Houston, Texas in the mid-sixties, eventually hooking up with such blues luminaries as Lightnin’ Hopkins, John Lee Hooker and Jimmy Reed. Later in life he performed with Charles Brown and Etta James, as well as landing opportunities to record with B.B. King and Otis Rush, just to name a few.

Tony left Houston in 1971 and followed his musical calling to New York and later to London. In 1979 he relocated to Los Angeles and joined forces with the likes of Eric Burdon, Rickie Lee Jones, Bonnie Raitt, Taj Mahal, and Robert Cray. His playing and recording experiences are very extensive.

Braunagel produced a Grammy Award winning record on Taj Mahal called “Shoutin’ In Key” and has produced three CDs on Eric Burdon, “My Secret Life”, “Soul of a Man”, and the most recent “Until Your River Runs Dry”. Tony has also co-produced  two CDs on Curtis Salgado that received multiple nominations for Blues Music Awards, including a win for Contemporary Blues Album of the Year, and is currently working on a third one.

Additionally Braunagel has produced two CDs on the breakout band Trampled Under Foot, the latter one winning a Contemporary Blues Album of the Year Award, and he’s co-produced two records for Eclecto Groove, including Mike Zito’s debut with the label, “Today” and Ana Popovic’s release “Blind for Love”.

Tony Braunagel currently lives in Los Angeles and still plays and records with the Phantom Blues Band.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sacred Cat Recordings artist: Nathan James - Hear Me Calling / Natural Born That Way - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Hear Me Calling (November 28, 2014), from Nathan James and it has a real nice feel. This release is actually two separate releases in one, the first, Hear Me Calling, was inspired by field recordings by Alan Lomax. The second, Natural Born This Way, more New Orleans, Swamp Pop and Down Home blues. Opening disc one is title track, Hear Me Calling, a stripped down blues track with harp and resonator guitar. Look Before I Leap puts me in mind of Brickyard Blues, an old track made popular by James Montgomery. Clean articulate resonator playing brings a nice life to this track. Piedmont style track, Still I Wanna Know, is a bright finger style acoustic guitar track with James on lead vocal. Very nice! A boogie track with a twist, Doing The Same To You, has a Latin flavor and a finger style break. Interesting mix. Baby Where Did You Go has very classic delta blues styling and honesty. Possibly my favorite track on disc one. Curley Weaver's No No Blues is done with a lot of authenticity including falsetto vocals and slippery slide resonator work. Very nice! Lonnie Johnson's She's Making Whoopie in Hell Tonight is a real classic with solid guitar riffs and slide techniques. Look Out Your Window has a much more modern sound but with classic blues riffs. With a boogie rhythm this track rolls along really nicely. Don't Believe What People Say has the solid classic delta styling and simple but clever guitar riffs. Opening with a train like harp solo, She Don't Make A Scene, has a real nice swing to it. It's obviously more modern take on the blues with contemporary vocal styling but incorporating resonator to play the more modern interpretations of the classic riffs is quite cool. Wrapping the first disc is I Know I've Got Religion, a traditional spiritual blues. James keeps solid time on the resonator and demonstrates some of his best vocals on disc one.

 Opening disc two with a classic Freddie Fender track, I'm Gonna Leave, a 50's styled shuffle, James on vocal and guitar make good time with Marty Dodson on drums, Troy Sandow on bass and some particularly cool key work from Carl Sonny Leyland. James throws down some classic trem bends on his stylized guitar solo. Look Out Your Window is a cool bluesy track with drone note guitar rhythm and James establishing firmly his solid vocal skills along with some pretty cool country influenced guitar riffs. Natural Born That Way has a modified Latin rhythm that is really cool. James' guitar attack on this track really sets it off and Dodson's drumming anchors it. Very nice! Look Before I Leap has a twist of New Orleans reinforced by the solid piano work of Leyland. This is a slick track with a catchy rhythm and melody. On Earl King track, Take You Back Home, James sets a strong R&B swing. Big Jon Atkinson sits in on rhythm guitar giving James a chance to really stretch his lead guitar chops on this track. Very cool! Doing The Same To You is another track with a strong New Orleans influence but with classic rag style breaks. Another slick guitar solo and then heavily stylized piano playing from Leyland sets this track apart. Long John Hunter's Ride With Me is a hard driver with Troy Sandow leading the way on bass. Leyland and James trade rhythm leads throughout but James steps on it with a frantic guitar solo and Leyland comes back with almost a Jerry Lee Lewis style on piano. Smokin! Another Earl King track, It Must Have Been Love, sets a strong R&B path with James doing some of his richest vocals on the release. He also steps up with some of the bluesiest guitar riffs on this release as well. On The 5 Royales' I'm Gonna Tell Them, a Bo Diddley rhythm and gospel influenced vocals (with Dodson and Sandow adding vocal harmonythis track rolls along nicely with an overall cool sound and slick stylized guitar work. Cow Pies is a really cool blues shuffle featuring Sandow on harp and James on slide. My favorite track on this side! Closing the release Don't Believe What People Say is a tight blues track along the lines of Rollin' and Tumblin' with a nice easy pace. Leyland on piano sets a nice background for James' vocal melody. This is a cool release with a number of different takes on the basic blues theme.

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Soul Sound Records artist: Markey Blue - Hey Hey - New Release Review

I just received the newest release (September 16, 2014), Hey Hey, from Markey Blue and it has style. Opening with When Loves Comes Along reminding me a bit of a BB King track with more swing. I Can't Let You Go is a R&B style ballad with sweet guitar riffs from Latina and cool horn and keyboard backing. Something's Wrong again has a R&B feel with nice horn punctuation. A strong radio contender with a solid melody and a hook, this is a straight seller. Feeling Blue has a strong strut, cool backing vocals by Holly Steele, a stinging guitar solo from Latina and super horn work making it one of my favorites on the release. Flames has a real Billy Preston feel from the key style to the rhythmic beat. Latina again steps up with clean guitar riffs echoed against electric piano. Very cool. Play Me has a real nice groove and Markey's vocals are as clean as they come on this release. Another track that could garner a bit of airplay, features Jack Pearson on guitar. Another Lover really quiets down the pace and slips into a solid soul feel. Solid guitar work by Latina on this track adds a strong contrast against the overall mellow feel of the track pushing Markey into the next level. With You is another really nice track reminding me of earlier times with Jo Baker with Elvin Bishop. Nice backing vocals and guitar riffs cushioned by a bed of horns makes for another of the best tracks on the release. Ain't No Angel crosses over to rock with an easy sway. Nightclub styling and full orchestration with horns, organ, guitar, bass and drums gives it a powerful impact. By My Side is another strait forward radio track and could easily get strong radio play with it's catchy melody and easy beat. Wrapping the release is Baby I'm Cryin' has a R&B styling but strong blues roots along the lines of Robert Cray. A strong closer, it's one of the strongest vocal performances on the release with really warm backing vocals and clean guitar and organ additions.

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Blues Blast Music Awards

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2014 Blues Blast Music - Nominations

The 2014 Blues Blast Music awards are coming up and some of our very own Delta Groove artists have been nominated. We would love for those who support the label to take a brief look at the nominees and cast your vote!

John Primer & Bob Corritore

John Primer & Bob Corritore's album "Knockin' Around These Blues" has been nominated for "Traditional Blues Album" of the year. This is a great accomplishment and they deserve the support from fans and followers of Delta Groove Music during this voting period.

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Terry Hanck

Terry Hanck's album "Gotta Bring It On Home To You" has been nominated for "Soul Blues Album" on this years Blues Blast Music awards. We love Terry and passionately believe that he can win with the support of our fans worldwide.

Vote Now

The Mannish Boys

Everyone loves The Mannish Boys! We are happy to announce their nomination for "Blues Band" of the year. Album after album they never fail to amaze blues fans around the world. Keep them in mind when casting your vote!

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Bob Corritore

Of course! Bob Corritore has been nominated for "Male Blues Artist" in this years Blues Blast Music awards. Following up with the release of his latest album "Taboo" this would be a great accomplishment indeed. Vote for Bob today!

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Sugaray Rayford

How can we forget Sugaray Rayford! He is also nominated for "Male Blues Artist" of the year. His music and talent is admired by many. Vote for the hardest working man in show biz today.

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