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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Charles Burton -Blues Band - Sweet Potato Pie - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Sweet Potato Pie, from The Charles Burton Blues Band and it's a lot of fun! Opening with Shake It!, an uptempo blues rocker, it has a lot of the feel of the Blasters but with a lot more blues. Flat out pickin and a little country rock flavor adds to the overall feel of this cool track. Double Up is a nice shuffle track with a cool lope. Slick blues guitar riffs highlight this track with Adam Koefoed on bass and Asmus Jensen on drums holding down the bottom nicely. Driving Home is a rolling blues rock with cool bass lines from Arnold Ludvig. Chill Boy adds vocals and lead guitar on this track. New York Jump has a real slick jazz overtone and great swing guitar lead over jazz guitar chords. Really nice! Goin' To Memphis has a bit of a country bottom but retains it's blues overtones. With a Latin rhythm and stylin guitar riffs, this is a cool track. Burton isn't ultra flashy here but he plays some really nice riffs. Crackdown an a fast paced shuffle and is a really nice showcase of Burton's skills on the fretboard. Playing not only straight up blues riffs but also some more experimental and abstracted solo's here for the enthusiast. Very cool. Livin' Without You, is a slower ballad style blues track. There is a really nice guitar break in this track that grabs the blues by the short hairs and shakes it. Nice touch! Sweet Potato Pie has the distinct New Orleans style and Jensen does a nice job of getting that marching rhythm. Slide guitar work on this track is really tasty, grabbing just a bit of country but really getting into blues rock too. Great track. New Boogie is an instrumental track giving the players a chance to stretch a bit instrumentally. Ludvig lays down some really nice bass soloing (which you don't often hear) and Burton rips up the fretboard as well. Used To Love That Woman is as standard a blues track as you'll hear on this release (played Chicago style) with Karl Cabbage on harmonica. Burton keeps the guitar simple and straightforward and this is a real groove down blues. Grab slide riffs on this track are really nice highlights as well. Brown Paper Bag is a super up tempo shuffle with Burton call and responding to himself on vocal and guitar. His slide work on this track is really super well blended with open guitar playing. Another real nice track. Your Number has the real old electric blues style feel and I really like it. It isn't fancy...and that's what I like about it.. but very effective. The release is concluded with Drop A Dime, a jazzy movie theme type track. With warm minor jazz chords and spoken vocals, this is an interesting track and one that gives the band a chance to stretch a little again in a more musical way.

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