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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wicked Town - Joe Mystery - New Release Review

I just received a new release, Wicked Town, by Joe Mystery. This is an all original creation and actually quite entertaining. Mystery has a singing style as well as instrumental arrangement that quite closely resembles the Lizard King. In his story telling fashion, Mystery sings and plays his way through this lyrical creation in an enjoyable fashion. Opening with Root Doctor which has a driving blues intro, Mystery doesn't take long to start channeling Lizard vocals. On Brando, a more contemporary sounding rock track, Mystery even fires up the keys with Doors like atmosphere. Loose guitar solos float through the track in an ethereal way. Interesting track. Johnny Wyoming is a real cool track which certainly be thought to be the Doors if heard in a bar a as background levels. Cowboy of a New Western Dream is a really interesting track, let's say the Doors meet Frank Zappa. It has the general feel and sound of the Doors but with constructive composition not unlike Zappa. I like it! Joe's Mystery Stampede is a sprite, Les Dudek like instrumental composition. With a little western twist, real cool. Closing with Two Men, Mystery continues his storied saga. It is a moody piece and just fades off. This is an interesting release and one that warrants further listening beyond it's obvious surface similarities to Morrison.

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  1. Sights,color,sound,black and white, dreaded images,sexy images; this music video is a blast from the past and a gateway to the future of what good music should be. Joe Mystery cleverly stimulates brainwaves into untrodden paths much like a musical drug. It gives us what we seek in our music appreciation; something reminiscent of old familiarity coupled with new poetic vibe. The world needs Joe Mystery!

  2. I fully agree with Mike D, the influences this True Artist has on the Music Industry Cannot go unnoticed!! He does every thing and does it Well, like McCartney, Joe Mystery is a diverse Talent... Sings in the Vain of Morrison, Plays guitar as no other in the Blues and Rock World, and shows a true diverse Multi-Talent in many other instruments. I agree with the comparison to Doors and Zappa.. What Great company to be in!!!!!! The World Does Need Joe Mystery..
    Frank I July 26, 2013