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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Palaver Records artist: Lance Whalen - Sweet Sugar Pie - New Release Review

I just received a copy of the new Lance Whalen release, Sweet Sugar Pie and although not very bluesy, it scratches an itch. Whalen has a scratchy voice and song style very similar to one of my favorite contemporary songwriters, Frank Black. Opening with What The Hell Was I Thinking, a light folksy but European sounding track, this is the beginning of a quite clever EP. Accompanied by a simple drum beat, minimal banjo, bass and understated but tasty guitar work this is a really great song. Best I Can is a very traditional sounding track based over a simple waltz structure. Again, strong vocals by Whalen are the highlight although there is a nice simple violin solo on this track as well. The title track, Sweet Sugar Pie is a simple ballad with a strong melody and smooth instrumentation. Completing the EP is The Way You Love Me, cool folk ballad with experimental sounding looped electric guitar work under the surface. This is a short but interesting release demonstrating strong writing and vocal talent from newcomer Lance Whalen.  

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  1. I like what I heard in the video. Looking fwd to picking up a copy of that one. The blues definitely comes through to my ears- even with the Hillbilly filter off. Hope that there up-tempo and uplifting songs as well. It's understood that my taste is a little more 'Country tolerant' than some folks. Nice post, Bman!