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Friday, April 26, 2013

Why I Sing The Blues - Richard Broadnax & The Goldtooth Blues Band

Richard Broadnax was born in 1948 in the small town of Vellie, a community just outside of the city of Camden, Arkansas in the USA. Home to his four brothers and one sister was a farm operated by his parents, Elmer and Nettie. In addition to managing their farm, raising six children, and taking on extra work wherever they could, his parents were also active members of their local church. Elmer was the Deacon and Nettie assumed the responsibility of Church Mother.Richard_film.jpg Every Sunday and some weekdays too - the entire family would walk together to church to attend services. The older brothers and sisters would help carry the children who were too young to walk the entire distance. God, church, and Gospel Music were the foundation and motivation of this family’s life. When Richard was only five years old, he was asked to recite a poem before the congregation. Because of the manner in which Richard recited the poem at such a young age, the congregation was so emotionally touched, they rose to their feet for a rousing and enthusiastic standing ovation. To this day, Richard can recall the feeling and thoughts that overcame him at that moment. "...The applause rang like music in my ears and the feeling of knowing that I had done something wonderful for the people, filled my heart." It was only beginning to become clear then, that Richard had a natural gift for passing on the Gospel Spirit. Constantly, Richard would sing, entertain, and amuse his parents and siblings around the Broadnax home. Nettie Broadnax recognized his singing talents, and signed him up for a music performance at church to be presented on Children’s Day. Richard was just eight years old then, and had already given his first solo part. "...Again, there was this wonderful applause and another standing ovation! I knew then that the Lord had given me a very special gift the talent to sing and speak to the people!" From that day onward, Richard enthusiastically involved himself in nearly every charitable event that took place at the local school or church. Richard remembers how his father, Elmer, loved by the church congregation and also a great singer, became his biggest inspiration. "My father was my hero. Both my parents were sources of constant encouragement. Later on in my life, I was also inspired by The Father of Gospel Music - the Reverend Thomas A. Dorsey - who said that gospel music is a message, it must be understood... a dissertation should touch the congregation in a special way. Gospel Music is good news!" As singing became more and more a part of Richard’s life, he began travelling with a gospel choir and appeared at many churches throughout Arkansas. Later on, the group extended their tours to include Texas, Arizona and California. A variety of radio and television appearances followed. Richard continued to find inspiration through great Gospel singers such as Mahalia Jackson, Shirley Caesar, The Clara Ward Singers, Dorothy Norwood, Aretha Franklin and the Reverend James Cleveland, just to name a few. Singing the Gospel was now Richard’s life. jacksonsingers.jpgIn the early 1970’s, Richard came to Germany and became Assistant Program Director for Recreation and Activities at the Landstuhl Army Medical Center. He joined the Frankfurt Gospel Choir and thus began performing for the military community throughout Western Europe. In 1990, Richard met Robert D. Jackson, founder of the Jackson Gospel Singers. For six years, he toured throughout Europe with this group. During this period, they appeared on many German television broadcasts (including ZDF, ARD, 3SAT), and produced six CD’s. Richard’s motivational talents were not overlooked in the film industry either. In 1995, he was cast in the film Le Nouveau Monde (James Gandolfini & Alicia Silverstone) by French film director, Alain Corneau. Performing the role of an American army chaplain, Richard was given free hand to interpret the performed sermons and gospel music for his scenes in this screen production. Richard’s own composition entitled Meet Me In Zion a very inspirational gospel song, is featured in this film as well as on the CD soundtrack of the same film. In 1996, Richard participated in The 3rd International Gospel and Negro Spiritual Festival in Paris with The Jackson Singers, and shortly thereafter toured for several weeks throughout Switzerland. Together with The Jackson Singers, he appeared at the Notre Dame, Lausanne, the Tonhalle of St. Gallen, The Kongresshaus in Zurich. They were a part of one of the greatest gospel events in German history, which was after the coming down of the Berlin Wall. They were the first gospel group invited to the cities of the former east block countries such as Chemnitz, Leipzig, Dresden, Halle, Erfurt and others. In 1997, he appeared in the Gospel Choir of Celine Dion’s Swiss Tour performance at the Letzigrund Stadium in Zurich. That same year, Richard formed The Zion Gospel Singers, his own Gospel Choir. The Zion Gospel Singers and band are made up of different religions, cultures and ethnic backgrounds; from USA, Switzerland, Barbados and Mauritius. Continuing to spread "the good news" with his new formation, he performed at various events and concerts throughout Switzerland. The following year, when he appeared as guest star for the Bo Katzman 1998-1999 tour with an estimated overall audience of 40,000 it was clear that Richard’s popularity was well in demand. The release of his own CD Save A Moment For Me brought Richard Broadnax and The Zion Gospel Singers further acclaim with appearances on Swiss televisions’s popular show Risiko and coverage on the local Zurich television programs. montreux.jpgThe Montreux Jazz Festival was honored with his appearance in 1999 when he appeared aboard the Gospel Boat for a Gospel concert on the waters of Lake Geneva. Another memorable appearance that same year was at the Karlovy Vary Jazz Festival in the Czech Republic. Other highlights included the Swissair Christmas Party in Zurich with an audience of over 6,000. Numerous private events and weddings that year kept Richard Broadnax’s agenda very full right on into the year 2000 where other highlights included the Blue Balls Festival, Luzern, the annual Open-Air Concert Zell, Luzern, and a special trip back to the United States to appear in his home town of Camden, Arkansas, for an honorary concert entitled Home Boy, Come Home. Upon his return to Switzerland, he was immediately swept into a busy road show for the Orange company’s Box Tour with ten appearances throughout Switzerland, closing out the year of 2000 at the St. Francois, Palais de Beaulieu in Lausanne. By the year 2001, Richard Broadnax was back in the studio recording the single CD Gospel, Joy, and Blues with the Zion Gospel Singers. He returned to the United States for a concert in El Paso, Texas at the Greater Mt. Olive Baptist Church where Dr. H.B. Johnson (Pastor) celebrated the new release with him. Enlightened and inspired, Richard returned to Switzerland and began performing his new and motivational self-composed song The Power of Gospel, delighting audiences at events such as The Marriot Hotel Gospel Brunch, the annual Christmas concert at The Hirschen in Obererlinsbach, and a special concert at the landmark Fraumünsterkirche in Zurich. Not only the spirit of Christmas, but also the spirit of Richard’s Gospel performance warmed the minus-zero temperatures and the crowd at the Open Air Frick, Aargau, Switzerland. A happy and successful ending of the season came with his concert at the Ramschwagsaal in Nenzing, Austria. 2002 was filled with the spirit of Gospel. The Gospel Fire Tour was underway and successfully launched from the celebrations of Expo in Yverdon and Biel in Switzerland. Continuing in full form through Stuttgart, Germany, and later on to the Jazz am Burg Festival in Dreieich, Germany, Richard Broadnax brought audiences to their feet with enthusiastic applause. Back in Switzerland, The Gospel Fire Tour was a highlight performance in many communities throughout the country including the Saalbau-Aargau, Gemeindesaal Buel-Unterengstringen, Hotel Marriot-Zurich, The Jazz Club-Buelach and the historical Salzhaus in Brugg. The popular Altes Kino Mels was host to Richard Broadnax’s powerful performance as was the Hotel Hirschen-Hinwil, Schlossgutsaal-Munsingen and more. The tour neared an end at the Schadausaal Thun (BE), where Richard Broadnax teamed up with the Blues master Philipp Fankhauser for a memorable performance. Richard wrapped up the season with a heart-warming performance at the Grosse reformierte Church in Lyss-Bern. With the new year of 2003, came the preparations for a new tour and a new CD recording. With the unexpected and tragic death of his sister, Erma Jean Broadnax Walter, the preparations for the recording took on a new turn and a new meaning. Enpowered by his faith and moved by his loss, Richard Broadnax puts together an inspiring and emotional collection of Gospel songs like never before. The CD is entitled You’re Gonna Live and it moves up on the list among Gospel’s greatest. The Gospel Plane Tour for 2003 is underway and Richard never ceases to be grateful for the support he gets from his band and choir. "I work with a great team whose talents and dedication help me deliver a message of hope, understanding and peace." bobbyjones2.jpg2004/2005: The Year 2004 started off with a special surprise: Richard Broadnax was contacted by Grammy Award winner, Ambassador Dr. Bobby Jones ( Gospel Artist Show case to come to USA Nashville TN, the Tennessee State University Performing Arts Center to appear on Word Television, 40 million viewers to sing a song from his first released CD Save a Moment For Me. Dr. Jones contacted Richard Broadnax in Switzerland after the show aired, to thank him for his outstanding performance. Shortly after returning back to Switzerland, Richard Broadnax & The Zion Gospel Singers and band were invited to sing at a private event at the St. Peter’s church in Zurich. After the service he was greeted by our beloved and legendary Tina Turner to tell him personal how much she enjoyed the program and that she 'was singing every song'. 2004 Richard Broadnax & The Zion Gospel Singers sang with pop star Meat Loaf on the Benissimo-Show on Television SF1 and were invited back to sing again with Phil Collins on the Benissimo-Show SF1, and again back on the Benissimo-Show SF 1 to sing with R&B No 1 Artist Craig David on the same show, it was truly a pleasure and a unforgettable evening. 2004 Richard Broadnax & The Zion Gospel Singers were asked to do a gospel workshop for the Herrliberg School, 60 students from the sixth classes to realize a benefit concert to help building a school in Tobe Benin West Africa for the underprivileged children. ZionsJoeCocker.jpg2006/2007 Richard Broadnax & The Zion Gospel Singers are filled with excitement with private and public events and concerts. 2007 Richard Broadnax & The Zion Gospel Singers start the year off with an interesting musical project: Gospel and brassband. Switzerlands top 25 members brass band MG Rickenbach play special gospelsong arrangements, directed by Corsin Tuor. Eine Gospel-Nacht im Kubus on 26th, 27th and 28th January 2007 in Rickenbach Lucerne. Bringing the gospel to the people is the passion and goal of Richard Broadnax. The opportunity to experience Richard Broadnax & The Zion Gospel Singers is there for your unforgettable moments. 2007 Richard Broadnax had the privilege to sing with Joe Cocker (a music legend) preforming his latest hit song Hymn For My Soul on the Benissimo-Show SF1. He was filled with joy to celebrate the Zion Gospel Singers and band 10 years anniversary together. Closing out the year with a Live concert on Konsum TV, SF2. RichardChildren.jpgStarting the year 2008 off with a gospel workshop for the Primarschule Wildberg Kinder Singen Für Kinder to support the childrens hospital of Zürich, the concert will take place at the St. Peter Kirche of Zürich, breathing new life into the hearts and mind of many young people, who are hungry for this gospel experience.This year is filled with new opportunities for me to bring the gospel to the people, both young and old alike. 2009 was a very exciting year with many great weddings, private events and concerts. I was invited to be a part of the 19th Jazz Festival in Langenthal, Switzerland. 2010 I released a new DVD project Children Sing for Children. The new song written by me: The Power of Gospel. Other cover songs: Bridge Over Troubled Water (Paul Simon), Yes We Can Can (Pointer Sisters). All posted on Youtube for your listen pleasure. The Goldtooth Blues Band 2011/2012 New music director. New Gospel & Blues Program with plenty of excitement and joy. Music for all my gospel and blues fans, for old and young.  
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