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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Death Letter Jubilee - The Delta Saints - New Release Review

I just received the newest recordings, Death Letter Jubilee by the Delta Saints. This recording takes a lot of hints from the blues but I'd say a far cry from your typical blues recording. The recording opens with Liar, a funky sounding, pop style tune with contemporary vocal styling, R&B vocal backing, rock guitar riffs and modern harmonica dressing. Chicago has an interesting blues rock feel to it with a solid foot drum from Ben Azzi setting the pace. Ben Ringel is a strong vocalist and his saturated slide work along with Dylan Fitch on guitar creates a very thick rich sound. Greg Hommert plays some screaming harp on this track creating a very coo track. Jezebel has a more primitive styling with acoustic guitar, harp, percussion and vocals. Although possibly one of the least complex of the compositions it may be one of the most interesting. Boogie is a straight up rocker again with strong blues roots. Ringel continues to demonstrate his leadership through strong vocal capabilities and Hommert sounding a bit like John Popper. Sing To Me begins as a quiet folk type track but ends as a rocker with a bit of an eastern twist reminiscent of earlier Led Zep tracks. NOLA has a very strong hook and should easily gain foot holds on the radio. A solid dance beat, slammin drums and cool bass riffs from David Supica add to the guitar riffs and more solid vocals from Ringel. Fitch plays a flaming guitar solo on this track that pops out as fast as it starts. This track is very well composed. Supica, leading off From The Dirt, sets the table for another blues track with strong roots in 60's British blues but keeping it's own identity. River has a strong delta feel with warm and enchanting vocal backing. Another of my favorites on the recording... but much too short. Old Man creates it's own world and puts me in mind of an old country western tune with it's capability to paint a story. The track is all blues rock and very solid. This is another contender for best track on the recording. I hate to draw further comparisons, but it has the rawness and strength of a Neil Young track. Jericho is the final track on this recording and has a swagger of it's own. With the intensity of a well refined band and the dramatics of an orchestra it is a great summary of the recording.(There is a New Orleans style jazz track after the conclusion of the primary last track...don't miss it). This is a very cool cd and one that I think a lot of people will enjoy.

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